Rick Grimes’ Best Moments In The Walking Dead That Shaped His Character

I don’t need to stress on the fact that Rick Grimes is the most important character of the legendary The Walking Dead series. Ever since the first season of the show aired, people have not been able to imagine the show without his character. But now, his time has finally come and Rick Grimes portrayed by Andrew Lincoln will no longer be the part of the epic show.

AMC, the television network behind The Walking Dead has finally revealed the last episodes of the character’s journey. The network has unveiled that he only has two episodes left in his tank and that are Episode 4th and 5th of the ongoing ninth season. And, without a doubt, fans are disappointed and disheartened.

Moments In The Walking Dead Which Shaped His Character

Rick Grimes Character in The Walking Dead

Throughout the series, Rick Grimes has been a survivor who has fought odds to protect his loved ones. His journey from the first season to the final season has been a treat to watch.

A man who is leading the survivors to fight daily problems and protect the people who he believes are his family. And, as the character will finally depart from the show, it will be fascinating to see how it goes forward.

Coming back to Rick’s journey. Today, we will be talking about the pivotal moments of Rick Grimes on the show, The Walking Dead that made him the character that we all adore and don’t want to leave.

But as it is said, all good things must come to an end, something similar applies to him. So, let us take a look at the moments and relive the epic journey.

Waking Up From Coma

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Character

The very first season of the show cleared the fact that Rick is a family man and main intention is to keep them safe. In the pilot episode of the show, Days Gone Bye, Rick is being shot during a confrontation with the escaped convicts. Due to the wounds, he goes into the coma for months and after awakening and realizing what has happened to the world.

He goes to search for his wife, Lori, and son, Carl. He finally found them in the season 1’s episode, Tell It to the Frogs. And, that’s when, for the first time, we saw the emotional side of Rick. He was so happy and emotional when he saw Lori and Carl that cannot be expressed in words. He held them in their arms.

The thing is exciting for us to see because we knew that Lori has already moved to Rick’s best friend, Shane. And, despite that, he showered love on her. That scene was enough to tell that Rick is a family man.

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Breaking TWD Rule For The First Time

Rick Grimes On The Walking Dead

Well, this is probably the most important time in Rick Grimes journey. During the Season 2 episode, Nebraska, Rick, and his group mates were at an old abandoned bar and at that time, Rick has to break the primary rule of TWD and that’s only killing the dead and not humans.

During his time at the bar, there entered two men who were complete strangers and asked about Rick and his group. The situation was quite intense and in self-defense, Rick killed both of them.

He was so fast that both the men were unable to do anything. It was quite a tense moment and made it clear that Rick will have to do these types of killing again in the future to survive.

This is where he realized that killing a human is unavoidable in today’s world but there has to be a reason behind it. This has formed the three questions which have been the core element of anyone joining their tribe.

Killing His Dear Friend

Rick Grimes Killing His Best Friend

Rick and Shane’s friendship was clear from the pilot episode of the show. They both were inseparable and drove the first two seasons of the show. Though the penultimate episode of the show, Better Angels was defining and the one that would drove the audience to the next season.

In the episode, we see Shane become more of an antagonist and Rick being the protagonist of the show had to do something which many did not imagine.

During the episode, Shane took Rick to an open field in order to kill him. But, Rick saw the gun and stabbed his best friend since high school in the chest and killed him. It was an emotional moment despite knowing the fact that Shane began a relationship with Rick’s wife Lori while he was in a coma.

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The Beginning of Rick’s Leadership

Rick Grimes Taking The Leadership in The Walking Dead

After the death of Shane, there was one thing that we all knew and it was that Rick will now have to lead the survivors. The reason behind it was quite straightforward – Rick knew how to survive.

So, he made things clear to the pack of survivors he led. He said that this isn’t a democracy anymore. Well, it was quite clear from the statement itself that the time has come for Rick’s era to begin.

Death of His Love, Lori

Rick With Lori in The Walking Dead

Well, I don’t need to stress the fact that Rick was a family man. He loved his wife and his son. But, the character entered his darkest phase during the third season’s episode, Killer Within.

After learning about his wife’s death, he was left with nothing. Bad things and dreams started to haunt his mind and that was probably the roughest period we saw Rick been through as of then in the series. He was even shown talking to his dead wife on the phone and that was quite heart-wrenching.

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No Mercy Rick

No Mercy From Rick in The Walking Dead

Rick has had many moments where we were made to believe that his character is flawed. He was helpless in prison. But, after that, one thing was clear and it was that Rick will not accept more death of his fellow survivors.

Rick faced his nemesis, Joe in the season 4 episode, A. This was the first time when the world witnessed the most brutal side of the former police officer. He killed Joe by ripping out his throat. The scene still sends shivers down my spine.

Falling for Michonne

Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead

We all know that Rick has a partner in crime, Michonne. And, throughout their time together, we felt a romantic connection. But, it was under the wraps till Season 6.

We finally witnessed them get together unexpectedly yet in a beautiful sequence of The Next World. The fans were waiting for this moment to take place earlier, but when it did, man, it was lovely.

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A Change in Cold Ruthless Heart

Rick Grimes Character Growth In The Walking Dead

The final episode of the eighth season confirmed the fans one thing that Rick’s time is very limited on the show. And, we see a glimpse of it in the season finale, Wrath.

Rick’s long-fought war with the Saviors came to an end. His final fight with Negan had an ending which most fans would not have imagined.

Rick revived his longtime enemy and we know that it is not what he has done with the people who are against him. He finally learned that mercy is the biggest thing.

It was nothing but an indication of character’s future on the show.

Well, I have said enough. What was the best moment for you in Rick Grimes’ journey? Tell us in the comment section.

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