13 Best Augmented Reality Games to Play on iPhone XS and XR

To best understand the Augmented Reality there is no other platform like Gaming. It’s where some of the best augmented reality games will swing you amid the real and the virtual worlds. Augmented Reality still has a lot to see in the future and would no doubt be a breakthrough come down the pike.

However, as of now, with the intent of reimagining the iPhone world, the conception of the Apple’s new iPhone model, iPhone XS, and XR have opened doors to test the Augmented Reality making it quite the fascinating one.

Best Augmented Reality Games For iPhone X

Best Augmented Reality Games For iOS

To experience more of the AR Games which are now supported by the iPhone XS and XR platform powered by the ARKit 2, try out some of the best AR games for iPhone XS.


ARise Augmented Reality Games

ARise is one such AR game for iPhone X where you certainly have to assign work to your limbs to move around to carry out the task-at-hand and the whole ordeal seems surreal.

The current three episodes that are available at the moment will require you to become a guide while you instruct the mini centurion to cross the chasms and cliff faces.

Eventually, you will have to sharpen your perspective to create paths and connections and solve puzzles using visual cues. It does sound like quite the captivating AR Game, doesn’t it?

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Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime Augmented Reality Game For iOS

This game allows you to take your stand and play your role to save the world from the Dark energy which can alter the way people think.

The world is your playground to choose between being a part of the Enlightened who wish to use the energy to control humanity or Resist and protect mankind from the dark energy. Isn’t this game-altering the way you think already?

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Stack AR

Stack AR iOS Game For iPhone X

Stack AR is one of the best AR games for iPhone XS or XR which is simple yet fun.

However, on a further expedition into the heart of the game, you will find yourselves stacking the bricks to finish the construction of the tallest tower possible.

The camera tracking the surroundings makes it all the lot easier to feel the straightforward connection to the augmented reality.

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The Machines

To experience the full potential of Augmented Reality on an iPhone XS, this is unarguably one of the best games you have ever come across. Turn any flat surface of your home into a enpty surface and it’s not a mere surface anymore, it’s a battlefield!

This game has some superbly impressive sound AR that keeps you on your toes all along. Firstly, the real-world obstacles would decide your victory or defeat. You can have your very own base at your dining table and destroy your opponent base.

The best part is as a player rotates the device, the sound obscures the real-world sound that would affect the game. Shoot down your opponents and move your phone physically to explore various terrains. This game promises to keep you on your toes till you die.

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World Brush

World Brush AR Games for iOS Devices

World Brush is one of the popular augmented reality games for iPhone X that lets’ you create artwork throughout the 3D space around you.

In short, the users can draw 3D shapes and design in the real world that can be viewed in multiple and varied perspectives. All you have to do is to move around and draw on the screen.

Every painting done with the brush will be saved at the approximate GPS location where it was created and stays that way forever unless deleted. The activities such as marking the paintings private and if not, then sharing a painting to a friend are the added commodities rolling as the new features. This app was also mentioned in our cool apps to try for Augmented Reality list also.

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Kings Of Pool

Pool in Augmented Reality Kings of Pool Game Screenshot

You might have heard of the classic 8 ball pool which is the biggest & best multiplayer Pool game online.

Kings of Pool is the upgraded modern version of this classic 8 ball pool with diverse exciting features and urging you to experience the strokes of augmented reality. This is one of the best augmented reality games for iPhone XS and is designed exclusively for the AR game mode.

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Zombies, Run!

This game is an amalgamation of fitness plus fun. Pull up your socks, tie your laces tight, play your favorite music and let the zombies make you run! You heard that right.

The ravenous grins, staggering sounds of their feet and guttural voices will make you want to run for your life. It is one of the best audio augmented reality game to use on your new iPhone XS.

Also, collect supplies on the way to have enough for your survival back home. Fitness meets adventure which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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Splitter Critters

Splitters Critters in AR Mode for iPhone X

Explore the worlds and beyond that with Splitter Critters where you will have to sharpen your brain to solve the puzzles.

Just swipe your finger to dismantle the world and then rearrange it using your wits and skills. This interesting augmented reality game for iPhone XS has a lot to go down the pipeline to become a fully evolved iOS AR game.

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AR Dragon

AR Dragon iOS Game Screenshot For iPhone X

How does it sound to have a pet dragon and specifically which is one of a kind? With AR Dragon in the picture, you can discover and care for a dragon.

This free AR game has a lot of augmented collection suitable to dress up your dragon and introduce it to the real world. Although AR Dragon is in its budding stages, it is surely one of the best AR games for iPhone XS.

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Flat Pack

Flat Pack Augmented Reality Game for iPhone X

Played on a 3D surface hovering over a living room table, Flat Pack blends the 2D and 3D elements making the game a lot enjoyable in the iPhone XS platform.

The new feature lets you move the iPhone to view the object in 3D instead of the user prancing around to get a better look.

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Thomas and Friends Minis

Thomas and Fiends Minis Augmented Reality Game

This augmented reality game for iPhone XS is a featured app in the Apple app store where you will design tracks like an engineer for Thomas the Tank Engine.

In this game, you can build, create, paint, and drive in 3D with Thomas. This exciting game is available for free.

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dARK : Subject One

Fan of all things mysterious and always love goofing around? This game is perfect to give you the chills and thrills by converting your home or surrounding into a dark mysterious place. It will promises you a horror experience via Augmented Reality. Turn into a Subject #03 and you’re your missing colleague.

Users have literally compared this game with the famous ‘Stranger Things’ series. Get, set Go! On a mission sure to give you Goosebumps and adventure as you goof around the clues.

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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR Game Screenshot

You might have come across many games where you will kill a zombie in sight with various tools and equipment. However, Zombie Gunship is a hardcore game beholding the augmented reality and entertaining the intense and fierce battles at your service.

This can very well be considered as one of the best augmented reality games for iPhone XS and an excellent showcase of augmented reality at its best in the AR game mode.

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Although the games are not fully developed, they do sport the impeccable potential to lure a seeker of a best augmented reality game. Just make sure to protect your iPhone X with some of the best cases while playing these games.

Dwelling in the backdrop while overlaying the digital content atop the world around us will be a barrel of enjoyment and interest with some of the best augmented reality games for iPhone XS under your fingertips.

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