6 Best Accessories for iPad Pro (2020 Edition) To Buy Right Away

Apple has launched the feature-loaded brand new iPad Pro (2020 Edition). Let’s not deny the fact that the latest redesigned iPad Pro is truly an impressive gadget. The out of the box device features high-end specifications that have dominated the market immensely.

It features the all-new camera, a scanner built on the LiDAR system, and a magical keyboard that gives a fantastic experience to the user, etc. In spite of the model you choose, the powerful iPad offers you great user experience.

It is the best buy for the people who are looking for a desktop in the form of an iPad for casual work. The iPad Pro is an exceptional device with a myriad of benefits, and its ideal for people who need to improve their productivity

Best Accessories for iPad Pro

Best Accessories For iPad Pro 2020 Edition

Nevertheless, if you are among those who love to enjoy the liberty that an iPad Pro offers but at the same time fail to find some of the essentials of a notebook or PC, you need not worry. Apple has come up with a variety of useful iPad Pro accessories that are designed to provide convenience and protection.  

To equip your iPad and make the most of it, you need to add some accessories to your Tablet. Using these accessories, you will surely enjoy the benefits of a Laptop using an iPad. 

Below are listed some of the best accessories for iPad Pro that guarantee you to get the most out of your Tablet. 

AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro 2019 Model

AirPods Pro is one of the best accessories for iPad Pro that pairs with your device smoothly. Whether you watch movies or listen to music on your device, you don’t need to stream it to the outside world.

It provides you an uninterrupted experience because of the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature that obstructs the noise of the outside environment giving you the best possible listening experience with iPad Pro.

The wireless AirPods uses Transparency mode to allow you to hear what’s happening in the surrounding, so there is no need to pause or take out the AirPods when you need to listen to the outside environment. 

The AirPods features electro-optical sensors and motion-detecting accelerometer that senses when you put them on your ears and similarly transports audio, connects the microphone and enables pause when you pull them out.

With future updates, you will be able to get the Dolby Atmos support and will listen to 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound right from that tiny device.


  • It is easily accessible, and using the ‘Hey Siri’; you can manage the volume, make calls and get navigations, etc. 
  • AirPods comes with a wireless charging unit that offers a considerable battery life of more than 24 hours. 
  • It is resistant to moisture and water. 
  • It offers ANR (active noise reduction) for a 3D sound format. 

Apple Pencil (Second Generation) 

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation for iPad Pro

The stylus Apple pencil is designed for people who love to do sketching, drawing, and other digital handwritten work. The second-generation apple pencil is exceptionally pliable and allows you to control the iPad with fine motions using your hand.

The apple pencil is highly responsive, has a low latent period, adaptable, and has a natural ability of a conventional writing tool. You would appreciate the precision of the pencil.  

If you wish to draw thicker lines on your iPad, you can simply press firmly on the surface of the iPad, and to shade parts, you can tilt the iPad. You can double-tap the apple pencil to enable more features like using an eraser to correct your drawing mistakes etc.

Once you complete your tasks with the apple pencil, it gets magnetically fastened to your iPad and begins to charge. The newly launched Apple pencil has a seamless design and does not have any connecting or moving parts that makes it convenient to use and store. 

Apple pencil goes best with your requirement for your latest iPad Pro. Seeing it’s an impressive design, it is one of the best accessories for iPad Pro launched by Apple. Many iPad Pro Apps have the support of Apple Pencil and the coming scribbling feature makes it a good input device.


  • It is highly versatile, responsive, and has low-latency. 
  • It is compatible with iPad Pro second generation as well as iPad Pro 12.9 (third and fourth generation). 
  • It has a seamless design and is easy to store. 

Apple Smart Keyboard 

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard By Apple

Apple Smart Keyboard is an outstanding accessory for your iPad Pro intended to provide excellent typing experience. At times, it becomes cumbersome to physically type large data using an iPad, which is why many users opt for a device like the Apple Smart Keyboard. 

The Apple Keyboard is a wireless component that can be connected to the iPad for having a traditional typing experience. This keyboard is one of the worthy iPad accessories for students and working people. It comes with a light-weight cover that is durable and safeguards the front and back of your iPad. 

The Apple Smart Keyboard has viewing angles both for personal computers and laptops. It is not necessary to pair it; you can simply connect it to your iPad Pro and start typing. It is slim in design that makes it easy to use and store. You can use this external keyboard for iPad Pro and improve the typing experience.


  • Apple Smart Keyboard offers an incredible typing experience at your ease. 
  • It is light-weight and durable. 
  • It is slim in design and easy to store. 
  • It is compatible with iPad Pro (third generation). 

Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector  

Supershieldz Screen Protector For Apple iPad Pro 2020 Edition

 Supershieldz screen protector is a good choice when it comes to buying some protection for your new iPad Pro. The screen guard is made up of excellent quality tempered glass that protects your iPad from any dust and scratches.

The screen protector does not form any air bubbles or fingerprints on the iPad. You can smoothly glide your finger or your Apple Pencil across the screen protector, which is scratch-resistant. It is easily installed and does not form any residue when taken off. 

The Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector has a tinted screen that takes care of your privacy while traveling on buses, trains, airplanes, or crowded places. Because of its 9H hardness, it considerably offers advanced resistance to dust and scratches. 

The superhydrophobic surface protects the iPad screen from moisture and oil residue on touching with fingers. Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector has a great touch experience and a significant HD clarity. The screen protector is worth buying for your iPad Pro and comes with a replacement warranty for a lifetime. 


  • The screen protector is dust and scratch-resistant. 
  • Because of its anti-spy properties and tinted screen, you can use your iPad at any place. 
  • The screen protector decreases eye strains and lets you work smoothly.
  • It has a perfect touch screen experience. 

Anker USB C Dual Port Charger 

Anker Dual Port 60W USB-C Charger

Anker USB C Dual port charger is one of the significant accessories for your iPad Pro. Though the charging unit that comes with your iPad works well, the Anker USB C charger is a multi-purpose product. The Anker USB charger is compatible with both USB-C port and USB to charge several gadgets at the same time.  

Because of its remarkable high speed, it can charge any device from your iPad to iPhones and Samsung devices, etc. It is mostly compatible with any device chargeable with USB, USB-C, or USB-A. 

It has a compact size as compared to any other charger and offers high power and twice the ports. It is one of the advanced chargers and charges any device at the fastest speed.  


  • Anker USB Charger is a versatile charger and supports almost all devices. 
  • The charger charges any device with the fastest possible speed. 
  • It has a compact size and comes with multiple ports. 

Native Union Stow Sleeve  

Native Union Stow Sleeve for Apple iPad Pro

Native Union Stow Sleeve is a beautifully designed accessory for your iPad Pro if your priority is protection and comfort. It is manufactured from high crafted leather, and the added durability provides resistance against shocks.

The sleeve is designed in a way so that it can fit your Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard seamlessly. The interior of the sleeve is made of soft material to protect your iPad Pro from scratches.  

The Native Union Stow Sleeve has a sleek design with easy to use magnetic closures that add to your style and comfort. The sleeve is a bit expensive but surely worth the noteworthy specifications. 


  • The Native Union Stow Sleeve is designed with high-quality leather. 
  • It is durable, stylish, and light in weight. 
  • The built-in function fits both pencil and smart keyboard securely. 

If you are looking for some best accessories for iPad Pro (2020 Edition), you must try your hands on these. Be it an Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard; these devices will surely add to your comfort. Probably, you must have found the best accessories for iPad Pro which you can buy from the market. 

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