Best Budget Desktop Computers Under $1000 To Buy From Market

Are you among those who find it uneasy about using laptops? The era of laptops made desktop computers quite extinct. However, there are many people who prefer these old school computers over laptops.

The reasons could vary from better productivity at work, to extra comfort. Most of the businesses or companies prefer desktop computers over laptops at their offices to look more professional. The same thing happens at institutions too.

Best Budget Desktop Computers

Best Budget Desktop Computers

There are many computer manufacturers who have given heed to the need of desktop users and have improvised the desktops in the most advanced way possible. If you are a netizen and belong to the United States, here is a list of best budget desktop computers that are available in the market.

The list below has the highest rated desktops that can be easily shipped through Amazon Bestbuy, Walmart, and other electronic shopping apps and platforms.  

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop 

Acer Aspire UA92 Desktop Computer

The Acer Aspire has topped the list of the best budget desktop computers. It is Amazon’s bestseller too.

Due to the feature it offers, it is the most sought computer on some of the known platforms. The most attractive key point of this desktop computer is that it is completely wireless, and you will have no tough time changing it from one space to another.

It is with jet black color that makes it appealing to the eye. You can buy it with different monitor combinations to make it a complete package. If you already have a monitor at home, just buy the tower only.

Key Features

  • It has the ninth-generation Intel Core processer. The speed is up to 4.1GHz. 
  • The DDR4 memory is 12GB and has a double layer drive DVD Writer.  
  • The connections of the entire system are wireless. The keyboard and the mouse are connected with USB too.
  • Multiple connectivity options including USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, etc.
  • The cost at Amazon is very pocket-friendly.  

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Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop Computer 

Dell OptiPlex 3060 PC Computer

This is another model that can be of great help to the users of the modern era. Desktop computers are brought for many reasons. If you are purchasing it for office or business purposes, the most efficient and the best budget-friendly PC would be the Dell Optiplex 3070.

Dell has always been the best in its customer assistance and has always been inside the budget of startup companies. It is well-reviewed and is high on demand in the US market and comes in black color.

Here are some key points that tell you why you could choose this one of the best budget desktop computers for the growth of your business. 

Key Features

  • This PC belongs to the 9th generation of Intel Core. Its Quad-core i5-9500 processor has a speed of 3.2GHz. 
  • The fact of Windows 10, 8 GB RAM, and 802.11ac wireless WiFi has been the best reason for one to own it.  
  • You only get a tower that can be attached to an external monitor and wired keyboard, mouse.
  • There are multiple connectivity options like USB, HDMI, etc.
  • These desktop computers have high-quality components. This makes them the best business desktop computers. There is no offense in using it at homes, though.

HP Pavilion 24-inch All-in-One  

HP Pavilion Touch All in One Desktop Computer

If you do not want to buy a desktop computer with different components, an all-in-one PC can be a good option. The all-in-one PC comes with a single component that acts as a monitor and hosts the other components as well.

HP Pavilion comes with a 24-inch monitor which is a full HD multi-touch display. It can distinguish between multiple fingers easily for different input methods.

The HP Pavilion Desktop Computer is yet another best-seller and best budget desktop computer on all the electronic shopping platforms. The ratings given by the Amazon are on an average of 4.4 on a scale of 5.

HP has been one of the top sellers over the years and comes in black color again. This model is also offered with various features that make one feel the deal irresistible.  Here are some USPs of this amazing desktop computer. 

Key Features

  • The device has the Intel Core 9th Generation i5-9400T, which provides the speed up to 1.8GHz. 
  • It has a 12GB random access memory and functions with Windows 10.  
  • It has a 512GB SSD that helps one with multi-tasking, and this makes it one of the chosen business computers. 
  • HP, above all, is known for its tech support.

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Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computer

If we are talking about the best budget desktop computers and does not mention Apple, that’s not fair. macOS is a major alternative to Windows-based desktops.

On a certain aspect, long support of OS upgrades, free productivity apps, and overall Apple infrastructure makes Apple Mac Mini a good choice for people.

Mac Mini is one of the most compact desktop units which can easily be hidden under monitor stand. It does not come with any other accessories so you need to buy a monitor, keyboard, and mouse separately. You can get any full HD monitor with Apple Magic Keyboard and trackpad to make it a complete set.

Key Features

  • The device has the Intel Core 8th Generation i3, which provides the speed up to 3.6GHz. 
  • It comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage.
  • For connectivity it comes with 4 Thunderbolt Ports, 2 USB, and 1 HDMI port.
  • Apple’s unmatched customer support with long OS upgrades (5 years promised but usually it gets up to 8 Years)

Lenovo ThinkCentre M910 

Lenevo ThinkCenter M910 Compact Desktop Tower

Here is another famous PC brand that many are in love with. Lenovo laptops are considered a student’s best friend, and this can be the best choice of desktop computers that can be used if you are running a business pertaining to the skilling and education industry.

With all of this, their customer service is simply amazing. Customer care is also good and hence a valid reason to opt for this model. The M910 is a compact desktop tower that is available in multiple configurations.

We prefer 32GB RAM and 500GB SSD configurations which can take some heavy workload. You get fast Wifi, Bluetooth to add additional accessories. Ports in the front make it easy to connect with different devices.

Key Features

  • Among all of the above-mentioned desktop computers, the Lenovo Think Centre Business Desktop has a better processor speed. It comes with the Intel Core 5th Generation Quad-core processor, which is i5-6500 that has a turbo boost of up to 3.1GHz.   
  • You will also get the Lenovo mouse and a Lenovo keyboard along with its power cords.  
  • The SSD of this device is 500GB, and it has a 32GB random access memory. 
  • This can be used in institutions, training centers, and universities too.

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If you are looking for something which can handle graphics-intensive work easily, this PC is for you. The PC comes pre-optimized for gaming with an external graphics card.

Though the tag is put as a gaming machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for regular work. It is optimized for higher graphics work and will work well for graphics editing also.

CYBERPOWERPC has a wide range of desktop computers that are budget-friendly, and some of them may go below this too. Most of us ignore the comfort that personal computers give because of the space they consume but this PC provides enough power to ignore that constraint.

Key Features

  • The desktop computer uses the version of Windows 10 Home, and this keeps you synced with the latest technology. 
  • It has the 5th generation of Intel Core Processor – i5-9400F. This makes you achieve 2.9GHz speed.  
  • The CYBERPOWERPC Desktop PC also has a random access memory of 8GB. You also get 240GB SSD and 1TB HDD with this PC.


Here are some of the best budget desktop computers that are available to be shipped across the country. Although you will get other PCs that have lesser pricing, do not go to something that comes at a low rate compared to these models. Such desktops will definitely lack many functions.

All of the above-reviewed desktop computers are based on real customer reviews and ranking. You will have to ultimately take a call in choosing the best one from this list to match your needs.

Click on the links and have a thorough check on the product descriptions of these personal computers before you go ahead in buying it.

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