16 Best Puzzle Games For iPhone and iPad To Play Right Away

23rd February 1918. Arthur Scherbius applies for a patent for a ciphering machine which uses rotors and fails to make any headway.

9th July, 1923. The German corporation Chiffriermaschinen Aktien-Gesellschaft (Cipher Machines Stock Corporation) launches the first ever Enigma machine, owing to the patent sold by Scherbius and Ritter, who were on its board of Directors. Yes, they launched the very same Enigma machine which created such havoc during the Second World War years.

7th December, 1962. The world’s first ever supercomputer, the Atlas, is launched jointly by Ferranti and the Manchester University.

Now, what do all the above events or gadgets have in common? Simply put, they solve problems.

If we were to inform a layman about the concept behind a supercomputer or a code-breaking machine, we would then say that a supercomputer or a code-breaking machine operates on a basic principle: “They solve puzzles”.

Best Puzzle Games For iPhone and iPad

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone & iPad

Who does not like to solve puzzles? Almost all of us do, I am sure. When our phones run out of battery or when even a thriller seems unappetizing, it is during these times that puzzles come to our rescue, by engaging our attention in a fun-filled and engaging way.

Therefore, it is by keeping this in mind that we bring before you some of the best puzzle games for the iPhone and iPad.


Developed by Spry Fox, Alphabear is quite an engaging word game where one has to form words by selecting the letters present in the grids. When the user or player of the game uses or selects the tiles of the letters which are adjacent to each other, then animations of bears appear next to those letters. The fun part associated with the game is that the size of the bears is proportional to the number of letters used i.e, more the letters used by the user, bigger the size of the bears.

These bears are quite useful for your future games as they help in increasing the points for a particular letter, extending the time limit for solving or guessing or forming the word etc. Also, if enough points in the form of bears are earned, then the possibility of owning your very own bear is quite high as you get to have your very own personal bear.

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Developed by FRVR, this game is a nod to the old Tetris mania games, with the exception of the square-shaped board and the rectangular shaped blocks which used to fall down. Here, the rectangular shaped blocks are replaced by hexagonal shaped blocks and the rectangular shaped resting board replaced by a hexagon.

However, this game isn’t as easy as it looks for obtaining high scores requires careful planning and patience, much like life instead.

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Trick Shot 2

Developed by Jonathan Topf, this game test your skills for not only solving the puzzles but also creating it. You can create your own level and share with other users. See them breaking a sweat while trying to solve your puzzle.

For the gameplay, you need to put the ball inside a box. But it’s not as easy as sound as you will be greeted with many obstacles to avoid all of them and pack the box. It is one of the puzzle games for iPhone or iPad where your knowledge of angles will be tested.

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Bejeweled Blitz

Developed by pop cap games, this is quite a fun game where you have to match similar colored jewels with each other in about 90 seconds. Though it does not sound interesting from the given description, it is the given time limit of 90 seconds and the rush to match colors which makes the game very engaging.

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Back To Bed

Developed by Bedtime Digital Games, is a simple game where you need to bring Bob back to his bed while he is sleepwalking. This is one of the addictive puzzle games for iPhone and you can also play it on Apple TV.

Bob can’t follow any directions as he is sleeping but there are things which can be moved. So you can guide Subob (his subconscious) and use the available things to control his path to his bed. Just make sure you don’t throw him overboard.

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Candy Crush: Soda Saga

You can’t skip talking about Candy Crush while talking about puzzle games, isn’t it?

Developed by King Studios, it is similar in effect and gameplay to the Bejeweled Blitz game. It involves matching similar colored candies with each other, which earns you points.

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Just like most of the prevalent iOS concepts, this game developed by Playdots Inc is quite a simple game which deals with connecting dots, something which we could do within our real life as well.

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Developed by Triada Studio, it is one of the simplest game by the concept. You get some objects and shadows of them, you need to find out a proper object in the projected shadow.

You can turn and twist the objects and their shadow will behave accordingly. Not only the shape but the distance between the object plays an important role in solving the puzzle. So go ahead and install one of the best imagination puzzle games for iPhone to play.

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Lara Croft Go

Usually, we don’t see Lara Croft name associated with puzzle games but its original game uses a lot of puzzles to help Lara cross fields. Lara Croft Go is a puzzle game based on the same concept, help Lara cross the field.

You have to help her by guiding step by step so that she can void dangers like getting bit by a snake or eaten by a dragon.

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Pac-Man 256

This game brings back all the nostalgia associated with the Pac Man games with a more modern twist. Developed by Hispter Whale, this game is almost like the old games, except that the map in this game is non-existent and the maze is isometric, making the game endless, but with a twist.

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Plants versus Zombies 2

Developed by PopCap games, this game is quite a fun game which deals with using various tools and implements to keep the zombies from invading the grounds on which the plants are grown.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley is more like Back to Bed games. Here you will be guiding a silent princess across huge architectures. Here you can move big areas of the buildings to give them another shape which can help princess to cross these.

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Stack AR

Developed by BAAM games arcade, this game is a perfect copy of the stack it game, with the sole exception being that you can play the game on a surface which is present in the real world, such as your own study table, or the surface of a newspaper etc.

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Glopy is a unique take on taking a ball from one place to another. Now you have to do that with your Glopy ball and in a new dynamics with every new level.

The beautiful design and gyroscope-based control make this game a lot of fun. It is one of the best looking puzzle games for iPhone.

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Hitman Go

This is similar to Lara Croft Go and based out on Hitman series. You have to take Hitman to the target while making sure he is not visible to any guard or get caught on the way.

The difficulties will keep increasing with levels and you will have to take care of many things before you can take your target out. So download this game and start taking the Hitman closer to its targets.

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The Room Three

The sequel to one of Apple Game of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 is ‘The Room Three’. The game involves a lot of intriguing puzzles that​ you solve as an unknown identity known as the ‘Craftsman’.

You will get to explore new environments, examine artifacts, inspect and discover new things with the help of various tools to help you in your quest. The user interface is simple and intuitive along with a heavy soundtrack which will keep your head glued to the game for hours.

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Therefore, with this, we end our list and we hope we have been helpful in mentioning the 16 best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. Do download and play these games and let us know what you think about them.

Have a happy time gaming!.

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