Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone To Create Shareable Video

iPhones are progressively getting more dominant, versatile, and highly capable of performing intensive tasks. Followed by that, the brilliant camera in iPhones has also enhanced to shoot 4K videos at an amazing speed of 60fps.

The camera comes with high stability for capturing videos to prevent shaking. Along with shooting videos, you can easily edit them on iPhones.

Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone

Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone or iPad

By means of a smart iPhone video editor, you can make your ordinary videos look professional and impactful. But to achieve momentous results, you need to install a good video editing app.

There are numerous video editing apps in the iPhone App Store, ranging from simple to high–end apps. Considering users with varied tastes, we have listed the Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone.


iMovie Video Editor For iPhone or iPad

iMovie is one of the great companion applications for iPhone users. The app has many features that make it simpler to have some excellent videos.

With this video editing app, you can produce striking videos. The app has an instinctive user interface that is quite simple for beginners. iMovie offers elegant easy to use themes for creating movies with synchronized titles, alterations, and media.

You can top up your videos with amazing filters, integrated media soundtracks and effects. Some of its unique features are split-screen, picture-in-picture etc. The easy to use design and amazing features offered in this app makes it more appealing in the market.

Once you are finished making videos, you can simply move your recordings from your iPhone to iPad and have a superb experience on a bigger screen. For easy editing, all you need to do is to connect a keyboard to your iPad to use shortcuts.


  • iMovie app uses AirDrop to share files. You can use iCloud storage to share the files between Apple devices.
  • It includes a wide range of features, such as movie themes, custom movie logos and trailer video recording.
  • It merges very well with iPhone’s other applications and features like photos, mail, iCloud drive etc.
  • You can export your projects direct to YouTube.
  • The app is free of cost and supports 4K videos from iPhone 6 and higher.

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LumaFusion Video Editing Apps For iPhone

Among the Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone, one cannot ignore this app due to its excellent features and amazing results. Those who want to have better results in video editing with fewer efforts prefer this option among the vast range of editing apps in the store.

LumaFusion is considered as one of the best video editing apps for iPhone because of its powerful features. It is a paid application and worthy for the price. Mobile YouTubers mostly use this iPhone editor app.

One of the distinctive selling features of LumaFusion is its incredible user interface. The application is clear and free from annoying ads that lead to a great user experience.

The multi-track video editing app has 3 audio/video tracks and further three audio tracks for storytelling, music, and effects. Apart from the cloud storage space, the app also supports wireless Pro drivers.

With the LumaFusion video editing app, you can access loads of royalty-free music, pictures, sound effects and much more. To make the most out of this app, you can choose from thousands of transitions and effects.

One of the best features you would love the LumaFusion app is it will allow you to edit videos both in landscape and portrait mode. Because of its unique and advanced features, it is one among the best video editing apps for iPhone.


  • LumaFusion features a multi-track video editor and advanced effects like chroma-keying.
  • It supports a wide range of video aspect-ratios such as Landscape, portrait, square etc.
  • It includes royalty-free media.
  • It is not free and costs around $30, which is worth every cent.

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Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro App To Create Sharable Video

Filmmaker Pro is one of the creative video editing apps for the iPhone. It is a little more advanced option to iMovie with trendy color options, filters and much more.

This video editing app features high-level editing tools. It is feature-loaded and comes with multiple custom-made filters and effects so that you can give your video the desired look in a few seconds.

Filmmaker Pro app comes with color gradation and lets you choose from around two hundred font styles for your text. Another attractive feature of this app is it has a huge library for multiple audio tracks and effects.

The features are quite handy to generate an impressive clip. Filmmaker Pro’s amazingly growing collection of trendy fonts and labels play a significant role in making a video trending among net surfers. Additionally, the application can record videos but only in the paid version.


  • Filmmaker Pro is a creative choice for users who love to play with filters and effects.
  • The app features superior video editing tools.
  • It has an ever-growing collection of trendy fonts and labels.
  • Voiceovers are supported by Audiometer.

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Quik App From GoPro Sharable Video

Quik is a splendid video editing app from GoPro. It is also simple to use, and that is why it is present in the list of the best video editing apps for iPhone.

As the name says, this app helps you to create beautiful videos faster with just a few clicks. The app supports GoPro plus and can identify smiles, face recognition and several other actions. In addition to that, it also supports your image library and live photos.

Quik from GoPro is exclusively designed to make your video editing quicker. All you need to do is to choose your photos and videos, and the rest will be taken care of by the app.

With the Quik app, it is simple to modify formats and increase or decrease the speed of the footage. Though the app doesn’t support 4K videos, but works with 1080p or 720p, and offers amazing results.

This video editing app also gives you a choice to import videos and photos from the media library or your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to change the background music as well as to add a wide range of filters to your video.

Quik is the only app that features an option to add a title to the video, which is why it is counted among the best video editing apps for the iPhone.


  • Quik video editing app includes Face and smile recognition features.
  • It is a quick and straightforward application.
  • The app has an option to export media files to YouTube directly.
  • It does not support 4K videos.

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VideoGrade Video Editor For iOS Devices

VideoGrade is another video editing app that possesses advanced features. This application is designed for one thing, which is color grading. Color grading is the method of varying or enhancing the color of any video, and this is the element that makes movies hit.

VideoGrade iPhone video editor can be used to enhance images and live photos as well. You can adjust the color grading ranging from exceptionally light to extremely spectacular, depending upon what you want to bring out from the video.

The video editing app has more than forty varied adjustments, and you can always save presets to recall easily in the future. VideoGrade supports 4K videos smoothly.


  • VideoGrade is exclusively designed for video color grading for your iPhone.
  • The application costs around $6, and only one subscription is required for all your devices.
  • It can generate instant previews and histograms.

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Another good video editing application for iPhone is Magisto. The app is designed for beginners who have zero knowledge about video editing.

Magisto is a social media sharing video editor application. It is an excellent choice for people who are fond of sharing photos and videos on social media.

Using Magisto is as easy as using PowerPoint, thus making video content easier for all. You can choose your desirable video editing style and a sound effect from the video library.

Magisto can convert motionless pictures into dynamic slideshows and applies video stabilization and cropping features automatically. You can easily share the outcome through Facebook and Instagram.


  • Magisto is a smart video editing app for iPhone that partly automates the video editing process.
  • All editing tools are automatic.
  • You can create collages and animated slideshows.
  • Magisto has an expensive subscription fee.

Video editing is progressively becoming a trendy way of communicating with the world, be it any platform. These are some of the best video editing apps for the iPhone, which can make your video editing experience much superior.

They have varied features ranging from voice editing, color grading, font styles, and many more customized options to choose from. You can pick the one that fits your taste.

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