How To Record Your Screen On Android Phone Without Root

There are times when an ability to record your screen and share can help you a lot. If you want to help a friend remotely, you can record a video of the solution and share it with your friend.

I rely on this feature a lot as most of my YouTube tutorial videos are screen recording of Android phones.

The only problem is that Android doesn’t come with an inbuilt recording feature so you have to either use apps or ADB to record your video.

Record Your Screen On Android

How To Record Your Screen On Android

With so many apps in the Play Store, it’s almost impossible to not find an app for some functionality. For the screen recording functionality, Play Store has some good apps which allow you to record your screen without root access.

Let’s look at some of the apps which can do this work for you.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is an app that I use for my day to day recording for an Android phone screen. The app is very simple and provides enough controls to get the work done quickly. I have used this app on mid-level to high-end phones without any issues. There is no leg or distortion in the recorded video.

The app provides all the basic settings like resolution, orientation, bitrate, frame rate, encoder, and sound quality, etc. You can record a Full HD video with 60 frames per second and sound with the phone microphone.

Screen Recorder To Record Your Screen

You can enable the show touches option to capture the screen touch so that users get a clear idea about your actions. If you decide to do that, be careful about not doing random touches on-screen as those will also be recorded. There is also a magic button that will not be shown in the video but allows you to stop the recording from the screen.

The one thing which I miss in this app is the ability to create quick GIF’s, other apps have this feature where you can record a video of 3-5 second and convert them to a GIF file. Those GIFs are helpful sometimes in case you want to show a quick action. If you are looking for that option, you can use the Super Screen Recorder App.

This app only has basic trim options for the video editing part, so you can only cut the starting and end of your videos. If you need a lot of editing, you may want to look for some other app.

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Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is another good app that provides all the functionality for free. You can record your screen, record sound from the phone microphone, create GIF from the videos, rotate your screen, open your front camera with the picture in picture and draw on the screen with this app.

This app has all the bells and whistles needed for a screen recording app and also allows you to take a screenshot. The one feature which I like is GIF converter, I always miss it on Screen Recorder app, it makes it easy to share small fixes very easily.

Super Screen Recorder to Record Your Screen

This app can also record Full HD video at 60 frames per second with sound capture from the phone microphone. You can change the resolution and frame rate in the settings as by default it will use 1280*720 pixel at 30 frames per second configuration.

AZ Screen Recorder

This is another good app that allows you to record your screen on your Android phone. This has an in-app purchase for the pro license which will activate certain additional features.

Magic Button, Trim/Cut Video, Facecam or rear camera support, GIF converter, and Draw on Screen are only available in the pro version. You can also enable the pro feature for 1 day by watching an advertisement, which is a subtle way if you only need these on a temporary basis.

All the other features are standard including full HD recording at 60 frames per second and audio from phone microphone. It has one interesting feature as Time-Lapse video which allows you to control the speed of your video. Currently, it doesn’t support the audio recording with time-lapse video, but it can be a good feature if you want to slow or fast the speed of your videos.

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Record Your Screen With ADB

If you are not comfortable using apps and want to use ADB connection, you can do that as well. ADB shell comes with a command – screenrecord, which can record your screen for up to 3 minutes.

If you need more detail about ADB, you can check their official guide. There are certain limitations when you use ADB method:

– You can only record up to 3 minutes.

– Rotation of the screen is not supported, so when you rotate the screen, some portion will be cut off.

– No audio will be recorded. If you need audio, you need to record it separately.

– This shell command is only available for Android 4.4 (API level 19) and higher. Based on the current android distribution 90% of the people should be fulfilling this condition.

So, if you are ok with these limitations, connect your phone to your laptop over USB. You can check the connected device with the command below

adb devices -l

Once you have checked the device is connected properly, you can go to ADB shell with the command below

adb shell

You should be in the ADB shell now and can enter the screenrecord command in below mention format

screenrecord —verbose /sdcard/myvideo.mp4

This command will start the video recording on your phone and will save the recorded video in the location provided in the command. So, for the above example, we can get the video from /sdcard/myvideo.mp4.

You have 3 minutes to complete the video before the recording will get terminated automatically or you can use Control + C to terminate it manually.

So, these are some of the ways you can record your screen on Android phones. Which one are you using for your videos?

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