Best Cases To Buy For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the latest addition to the Galaxy line of smartphones. Many users are excited about the launch and will be queueing for buying the phone.

The only problem with the phone is plastic back which will be prone to damage in case of a fall. You will need a quality case to protect the case from those unfortunate incidents. For the users of a premium smartphone, the case for the concerned device also matters a lot. One needs to find the right case before going for any of the presented options.

Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that was released recently and got a good response due to its amazing features. It is essential to protect such a wonderful gadget by choosing the right cover. You can now get cases that are exclusively made for Galaxy Note 20 and offer the best protection for your phone.

Let us take a look at some of the best cases for Note 20 you can buy online.

Ringke Air Case

Ringke Air Case For Note 20

This is best suited for protecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It is light in weight and also flexible so that you can easily fit the phone inside the case. It is also thin, and you will not feel uncomfortable while keeping it in your pocket.

The case has a raised bezel shield that protects the screen. It protects the phone from regular scratches and bumps as it has a thermoplastic polyurethane coating on the surface. It also provides a good grip when you are holding the phone in your hand.

It also has two lanyard holes so that you can use straps and carry it according to your convenience. However, the straps have to be bought separately, and you can get straps for your fingers, wrist, and even neck.

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Samsung Kvadrat Cover

Samsung Kvadrat Case

The best part about the case is that it comes from Samsung, and it fits the Galaxy Note 20 perfectly without any hassles. The quality of the case is very good, and Samsung has not compromised on any aspect of this case.

Even though it is a basic case made of plastic material, it offers good protection, especially for the back of the phone and corners. The good thing about the case is that it is made of recycled plastic and it is also 100% compostable.

It is very light in weight and offers a very good grip while holding it in hand. It does not feel bulky in any way, and you can comfortably use it for your Galaxy Note 20. It also comes with a good one year warranty from the company.

Spigen Liquid Air Case for Galaxy Note 20

Spigen Air Case For Galaxy Note 20

The case is very light in weight, and it is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. The matte black finish gives it an exciting look that perfectly fits the style of Galaxy Note 20 phones.

It comes with an anti-slip matte surface that provides a comfortable grip even when used for long hours. The best part is that it is resistant to fingerprints, and you can maintain it cleanly without any hassles.

The case provides anti-shock protection as it comes with air cushion technology, and it can easily withstand small bumps and scratches. The screen and camera are provided with a good cushion in the edges, and it easily prevents surface scratches.

The good thing about this case is that there is no need to remove the case when you have to keep the phone for charging or sharing power with a power bank.

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Incipio Dual Pro

Incipio Dual Pro For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Staying true to its name, the Dualpro from Incipio offers a double layer of protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone. However, it is not bulky in any sense, and you can easily carry it around without any hassles. 

The first layer is the outer layer that is very rigid and has a polycarbonate outer shell. It provides resistance against scratches and other such issues. It has optimum protection for the edges and camera on the backside.

The second layer has shock-absorbing material in the inner core region of the case. This is the best part of the case, and it can protect your phone even from a 10-foot drop in most cases. It is very sturdy and offers military-grade protection.

The design is also very attractive and sleek that matches with the elegance of Samsung phones. You get complete access to all the ports and buttons on the phone.

ESR Kickstand Case

ESR Kickstand Case For Note 20

This is probably one of the best cases for Note 20 you can get in the market if you are comfortable with a metal case. It is many times better than hard plastic in terms of offering protection for your phone from hard bumps.

It has a unique design and comes with a stand for the phone. In this way, you can comfortably place it on the table and use it for watching videos or making video calls. The stand can be set horizontally and vertically according to your convenience.

The stand is also adjustable up to 60 degrees, thereby allowing you great flexibility to choose the angle at which you want to keep the phone. It is best suited for video calls, and you need not worry about holding it in your hand for long hours.

Apart from that, it offers decent protection to your camera and screen as it has raised bezels in the corners and near the camera. You can freely access all the ports of the phone without removing the cover.

The stand is sturdy, and it can withstand small jerks without any hassles. It can even stay flat without any jerks when you tap the phone. In this way, you can even use it for browsing without any problems.

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UAG Plasma Series Case For Note 20

UAG Plasma Series

This is yet another wonderful product from Urban Armor Gear for Samsung phones. The case comes with dual-layer protection best suited for Galaxy Note 20 phones. It can easily protect the device during small collisions.

The amazing lab-tested design comes with dual shock-absorbing materials and a dynamic hexagon pattern. This patent-pending design makes it possible for the case to protect the phone during drops and collisions.

Apart from that, the oversized tactile buttons and easy access to various ports of the phone make it the best choice for your galaxy note 20 phone. The unit also comes with a one year warranty.

Anccer Slim Cover

Anccer Slim Cover For Note 20

The case perfectly fits the Galaxy Note 20 phone, and you can easily access all buttons and ports without any issues. The cover is available in as many as five attractive colors. It looks very stylish as the surface has a shiny finish.

It has special protection cover for the camera lens, and this will help you to preserve the camera lens in good condition for many years. It protects the lens from scratches and dust, thereby giving you the best picture quality.

It is also very light and thin when compared to various other cases available in the market. It offers a good grip while holding it in hand.

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Caseology Skyfall Case

Caselogy Skyfall Series Case for Note 20

The amazing looking cover is best suited for Note 20 phones, and it offers a slim protective bumper around the edges. The best thing is that it comes with a protective film that can be removed on both sides.

The scratch-resistant clear cover over the case helps you to maintain the cover in good condition for many years. It will not lose its shine easily due to this clear cover.

The button covers are responsive, and you will get good raised bezel protection for the camera. In this way, you can keep the camera lens safe from scratches. The biggest advantage of choosing this case is that it is compatible with wireless charging, and you can use it with most chargers.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

UAG Monarch Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

If you are looking for the best cases for Note 20 with premium-grade protection, you can easily go for this unit. It offers 5 layer protection for your phone and can resist scratches and bumps without any hassles.

It is made from premium grade alloy metal, and it can easily handle drops and shocks better than most other cases. The best part about the case is that it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is not found with any other case in the market.

The buttons align with the phone perfectly, and you can easily click them without any issues. You will feel like touching the button of the phone itself when you use the buttons on this case. They are made of premium quality that can last for many years.

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Buyer’s Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

If you are planning to buy the best cases for Note 20, you need to consider many factors so that you get good value for your money. To begin with, you need to understand that this is a new model that was launched recently, and you should never go with untrusted brands as they will not have much experience in providing good quality cases for new phones.

In this regard, you can try the best cases listed in this article and protect your phone from scratches and bumps.

Look and Design

The look and design of the case matter a lot, as this will become the face of your phone. Remember that a bad looking cover can spoil the outlook of the most expensive phone.

In this regard, choose the designs as per your personal taste and also the ones that match with the overall outlook of the Galaxy Note 20 phone. You can choose the cases in different colors as per your personal choice.

Multi-Layer Protection

The cover you choose should offer multi-layer protection so that you can keep your phone safe during accidental drops. You will be glad to know that some cases come with 5 layer protection, and this can offer better protection than the single-layer cases.

However, you should understand that such cases may be slightly bulky when compared to the thin and single-layered cases for Note 20. In this regard, you can choose the case based on how many layers of protection is offered for the phone.

Access to Ports

The case you buy for the note 20 phone should always provide seamless access to all the ports. In this way, you will be able to use the case regularly without having to remove it for charging and other purposes.

Most cases come with complete access to ports, and you should not have any problem using such covers for the Galaxy Note 20 phone.

Raised Bezels 

Many cases do not come with raised bezels, and you should never go for such options. With raised bezels, you will be able to protect the phone from scratches when you have placed it on a flat surface.

Apart from that, you should also choose cases that provide raised bezels around the camera so that you can protect the lens from any sort of damage in the long run.

Brand of the Case

The brand of the case matters a lot, especially in this situation, as this phone is still new to the market. In this regard, experienced and reputed companies will have the proper equipment to develop a suitable case for the phone that offers good protection.

Apart from that, you should also choose those brands that have previously made good quality cases for other Samsung phones. In this way, you can check their quality before buying the new case for Note 20.


You can get the cases in different price ranges when you search online. However, you should not compromise on this factor when it comes to offering the best protection for your expensive phone.

When you have spent so much money on your new phone, it makes sense to spend little more to provide good protection for the phone in the long run. Using your phone with the case will make it more durable and help you to get good value out of your investment.

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