8 Best Cases for OnePlus 6 To Protect It From Damages

Infinity Screen though looks very stylish but came with a tag – “Handle with Care”. The same is true for the latest flagship from OnePlus – OnePlus 6.

The 18:9 screen ration had somewhere forced us and the smartphone manufacturers to comprise with the smartphone-built quality. Earlier the bezels were there to absorb the shocks when accidentally phone falls from a height.

But these days, if a smartphone falls then no doubt sometime will definitely break, no matter whether it is a flagship device or a mid-range budget phone.

Best Cases for OnePlus 6

Best Cases For OnePlus 6

Today we have created a list of 8 best cases for OnePlus 6, which will save your smartphone and it won’t allow cracks to ruin the beauty of your device.

These cases are highly durable and we have selected these on the basis of customer reviews. Thus, you can rely on them.

TUDIA Slim-Fit Heavy Duty Case

TUDIA Slim-Fit Heavy Duty CaseTUDIA Slim-Fit Dual Layer case is a perfect option for you if you are among those who need a cover for a very long time.

This cover will last longer without any deformation. It is quite sturdy and known to absorb shocks.

Apart from strength, It gives a decent grip. Thus, you won’t be worried when your friend will hold it carelessly.

This case is a little bit bulky but in front of what it offers, one could easily bear it.

TUDIA Slim-Fit case for OnePlus 6 will cost you somewhere between 6$ to 12$.

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Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus 6 Carbon Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for OnePlus 6It’s very hard to keep Spigen out of any best list of mobile cases. So here is one from them for your latest OnePlus 6.

You will be loving the carbon case because these are extremely lightweight and offer you a great grip while holding the smartphone.

If you are among the people who want a snug cover for their OnePlus 6, then definitely you can go for these Carbon cases.

These Carbon cases for OnePlus 6 will cost you a bit more than TUDIA slim-fit cases as these are lighter in comparison to them.

You can get a Spigen carbon case for OnePlus 6 in 9$ to 14$.

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Simicoo OnePlus 6 Flip Covers

Simicoo OneFlip 6 Flip Cover CaseFlip covers are the typical cases for a smartphone. Flip covers will be the most protective cases for OnePlus 6.

It is because Flip covers protect the whole smartphone (360-degree protection). Since OnePlus 6 has a notch then somewhere it has a chance to get cracked even with a little strike with anything.

But we can’t ignore the fact that Flip Covers are quite out of Fashion and is not in trend right now.

Still, if you want to buy a Flip cover for OnePlus 6 then you can get one in around 10$.

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Pierre Cardin OnePlus 6 Leather Case

Pierre Cardin Premium Leather CaseThis is one of the most premium cases for OnePlus 6. Leather case lovers are known for their loyalty as these cases protect the smartphone from all types of damages even from water.

Protection is not the only thing that is being offered by Leather cases, these give a premium and stylish look to a smartphone.

As dual layer cases, leather cases won’t deform easily thus, if you looking for a case to last long, then Leather cases are best for your OnePlus 6.

You can easily get a Leather case for OnePlus 6 in 25$ or low.

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Poetic Revolution Rugged Case

Poetic Revolution Rugged Case For OnePlus 6Rugged Armor cases have some weight and they feel bulky but they are best for careless people, who don’t handle their smartphone with care and regular drops their smartphone.

These Rugged Armor Cases will give you the required strength to your OnePlus 6 and since these are bulky then no doubt you will be getting a decent grip.

Poetic Revolution Rugged case provides a 360-degree protection for your phone including a tempered glass for the screen. It also has dust flaps for all the open ports for the phone to protect them from debris.

If you are interested in buying it, then you can get a Poetic Revolution Rugged case for OnePlus 6 in 18$ to 22$.

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OnePlus 6 Belt Clip Case

OnePlus 6 Belt Clip CaseSometimes while traveling you might have forgotten your device on a table or at any vendors desk. To avoid such mistakes, you can use the Belt Clip Case.

These Belt Clip cases have a small clip that gets attached with your belt or we can say that you can just simply tuck-in the clip that is situated behind the cases. It makes you are ready to explore the world without any worries about your smartphone.

Apart from the Belt Clip, these cases offer you a decent protection from the damage with an excellent grip.

You can buy a belt clip case for your OnePlus 6 in 13$ to 15$.

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Ringke Fusion OnePlus 6 Case

Ringke Fusion Case For OnePlus 6The latest one and we can tag with the trendiest one too. The specialty of Ringke Cases is that these are known to protect the corners of a smartphone.

These corners of Ringke Cases are built with glass in some cases or with Nylon in others.

These are heavy duty cases and they protect the smartphone from almost all types of Damages. Also because it’s a crystal clear case, it shows your phone in full glory.

So, if you want to follow the trend then you have to invest 10$ to 12$ for Ringke case.

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Osophter Dual Layer Case For OnePlus 6

Osophter Dual Layer OnePlus 6 CaseAnother category cases with some weight but again a heavy-duty case for OnePlus 6.

In most the falls, the outer layer of these Dual Layer cases might break but they protect the smartphone completely.

These cases are made of a material similar to plastic that is the reason why these gets damaged quite easily.

Thus, if you want a case for your OnePlus 6 every month then, you can get it in somewhere around 9 to 15$.

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This was a list of best cases for OnePlus 6 that you can buy in order to protect your phone.

All the cases that mentioned above are available on Amazon.com and you can easily get them delivered to your home.

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