11 Best Leather Cases Which You Can Buy For iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has released a new segment of iPhone series – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. People can order online or walk to their nearest Apple store to pick their desired model of iPhone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iPhone Pro Max, with its ultimate style statement, all embossed in the glass! Whether it’s the front screen or the rear end of this phone, we see it coated with glass.

Apple does claim about the strength and durability of the glass used, it is​ one of the toughest. But of course, glass is glass and it demands protection by all means of its nature and tendency to be broken.

Best Leather Cases For iPhone 11 Pro

Best Leather Cases For iPhone 11 Pro

Therefore, before the sale of your dream mobile commences, you ought to plan and buy the best cover case for it. So that it not only looks a style king in between your thumb and fingers but also a fully secured phone tugged inside a perfect case!

Leather, ever since we have known it, is a synonym of class and sobriety. With the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro, having the combo of a solid leather cover case would be an ultimate dream.

Why not have a look at our list of the best leather cases for Apple iPhone 11 Pro?

LOHASIC iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

LOHASIC iPhone 11 Pro Leather Cases

LOHASIC has some of the best handmade thin designed leather cases for your new iPhone Pro. You can get these cases in five different colors based on your liking.

These leather cases are ultra-slim and have the raised lip on​ the front to protect the screen of iPhone. Because of the slim profile, it will work well with the wireless charging solutions for iPhone 11.

The material is premium PU leather with will rest nicely on the hands and will have an ​anti-slip effect. You will get a nice grip on the phone with this case. A combination of metal and leather on the sides give it a premium profile.

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Salawat Slim Leather Case

Salawat iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Salawat thin iPhone 11 Pro cases live up to their name and claim in every way. The thickness of this leather case is a mere 0.04 inches which makes it feel like a cloud in your hand.

The reason why it is one of our top cases in the list because of the add-on protection it offers to your iPhone 11 Pro via its “camera lens lip” built. Salawat thin Leather Case protects every inch of your mobile phone despite its sleek design and thin leather casing.

What also stands out for us is the support for wireless charging feature and the branding free design for those who find branding watermarks annoying.

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The Rugged Case from Nomad

Nomad Rugged Leather Case For iPhone

The third best leather case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro that steals our eye is the Rugged Case from Nomad. This solid leather case is made of Horween Leather which is manufactured by Horween Leather Company situated at Chicago, Illinois.

Nomad ensures the Rugged case is scratch-resistant and shockproof. It gives your phone protection against UV rays as well as from bumpy edges. It also claims strong water resistance, therefore,​ water splashes during rafting won’t give you jump-scares of any damage.

This beautiful vintage looking protective leather case comes in two color variants which are black and brown. Rugged Case has a thin profile but offers drop protection up to six feet which do​ make it top the list.

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Cases by Mujjo

Mujjo Full Leather Case For iPhone 11 Pro

Mujjo is a minimalist that’s crowned with elegance when it comes to designing cases. For iPhone 11 Pro, Mujjo offers one of the best leather cases again with its full wallet leather-based​ case.

The design is sober with a slight cut angle to hold your card which is always handy without any hassle. The multiple card accommodation fits your cards like in a sleeve. The leather case gives your iPhone 11 Pro a gorgeous leather back cover with a protective 1mm lip that safeguards your phone from bumps and scratches.

Each Mujjo case offers a Japanese microfiber inner lining built so that your glass back or stainless steel frame don’t get damaged by scratches. The cases come in 4 color variants but Alpine Green and Classic Black look the best and the most classy.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Leather Folio

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Leather Folio Case

Apple itself offers a range of immediate leather cases for its phone that fulfill all the needs along with fast shipment and speedy delivery.

It’s iPhone 11 Pro Leather Folio cases are crafted with European leather that is tanned and well finished to give a rich and elegant feel to your phone.

The fit is perfect along with the beautiful cut functional buttons. On opening the flip case, your iPhone lights up and on closing, it goes back to sleep which ensures battery saving. It also offers wireless charging, multiple card slots and microfiber protection inside.

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Totallee Thin Leather Case

Totallee iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Totallee is one of the big names for the thin cases for smartphones and their lineup for iPhone 11 Pro is no different. They have one of the thinnest leather cases​ for your iPhone which comes with minimal or almost no branding. Just pure leather love for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Totallee Thin Leather Case protects every inch of your mobile phone despite its sleek design and thin leather casing. The case is built with cowhide leather and will give you aging leather looks with time. One of the best leather cases if you are looking for non-bulky protection for your phone.

Totallee Thin Leather Case wins our hearts by offering a woosome two-year​ warranty!

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Grovemade Leather Case For iPhone 11 Pro

Grovemade Leather Case For iPhone

Grovemade is another promising option when it comes to solid leather wallet cases that offer scratch-proof​ covers.

The UV light protection, antishock features, and cutting-edge technology is a die for. Grovemade cases are minted with premium quality materials that give scratch protection from bumps and jerks.

Grovemade offers continuous wireless charging with a wooden frame. Color options include Maple, Walnut and Bumper. The wood power and volume buttons stand out well cut and carved that are amazing to touch.

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DODOCase For iPhone 11 Pro

DODOcase Leather Wallet Case For iPhone

DODO gives you customized designs for your iPhone where you can select 2 premium leather colors that can be chosen from 26 different materials.

The insider case comes with lined pockets for keeping your credit cards. These liners come in 28 colors whereas the inside soft cover comes in double plastic enclosures.

DODOCases are a minimalist which gives you a smooth and rich look. It is totally drops resistant, shockproof and offers multiple cards holding options including license ID and credit cards. Dodo also offers wireless charging for a full day battery life.

The wallet case on the back can act as a kickstand to provide good multimedia experience. If you are looking for multipurpose leather case for your iPhone 11 Pro, you can buy this one.

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Snakehive Vintage Case

Shieldon Genuine Leather iPhone XR Case

Known for its handcrafted full grain European leather, Snakehive stands among the most impressive cases for iPhone 11 Pro. Snakehive leather cases are made from best quality Nubuck leather which gives a velvety and matte finish to your iPhone cover.

The leather is made to look as intoxicatingly vintage as red wine when it ages. Snakehive leather cases give you end to end protection with their rubberized TPU holder. It ensures shock resistance, splash protection and most importantly, drop protection up to twelve feet.

Your iPhone glass is always secure when tugged inside a Snakehive. The multiple card slots are well cut functional and the folding design is a dream. Snakehive is known for its intricacy and it doesn’t disappoint us anywhere.

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TENDLIN Wood & Leather Case

TENDLIN Wood & Leather Case For iPhone 11 Pro

TENDLIN offers some of the good hybrid cases for smartphones. Their Wood-Leather hybrid case is also similar and offers protection along with a ​unique profile to your iPhone.

Wood, leather and TPU combine together makes this case a distinctive option in the market. It has a slim profile so that your phone won’t become bulky and comes with precise cutouts for the buttons, lightning connector.

The case comes with 1-year warranty which covers any quality related issues. It covers refund or free replacement in case you face any issues with the case.

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Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Case

Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case

If you are still not made-up your mind to decide if you want a slim case or wallet folio, Burkley Magnetic detachable leather case if for you. It combines both the design and provides a design, which you can use according to the occasion.

Just pull the phone out from the magnetic enclosure and it will become a slim profile leather case. You can easily attach it back to the enclosure to use it as a wallet folio.

You can also detach the phone and use it with wireless chargers. It allows you carry multiple credit cards in the wallet which you can use anytime you plan to step out of the house. Use the detached slim case at home to easily operate the phone.

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These were our top ten best leather cases for Apple iPhone 11 Pro which you can buy along with your phone. We hope to see this one hell of artwork well protected and snuggled between cases that provide it best drop, scratch, and shock protection.

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