Best Cases To Protect Your New iPhone 11 In Style

The wait is finally over, and it’s time for all the Apple nerds out there to get excited! Apple has started selling the next-generation iPhones for 2019 – iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Are you thinking about buying one? Hesitate no more, go ahead and buy one as soon as possible. But don’t forget to ensure the safety of your device. Protect your phone with the help of the best cases for iPhone 11!

Best Cases For iPhone 11

Best cases for iPhone 11 to buy from market

The iPhone 11 is the most affordable phone in the lineup, with a price tag of $699. The phone offers more features to the buyer than the prior iPhone XR.

You can show off your iPhone in style or protect the phone with some of the best cases available in the market. Enhance the look of the phone and enjoy!

So let’s start with the list of best cases for iPhone 11 picked after giving a lot of consideration.

Mous iPhone 11 Case

Mous iPhone 11 Protective Case Limitless 3.0

The first case which we wanted to pick should not only protect the phone but also enhance the functionality. Mous iPhone 11 cases with Limitless 3.0 are for that. They not only provide solid protection but also provide accessories which can enhance functionality without adding huge bulk.

One of the major problems​ with magnetic solutions are that they interfere with wireless charging solutions. Mous has restructured their magnets to allow the wireless charging of iPhone 11 to function correctly along with providing additional functionality with accessories.

They have some accessories like car magnetic counts, flip wallet, back cardholder, etc. which can easily be attached to the case with the help of magnets. So just select your accessories and snap them easily on the phone. If you have not tried it, you should definitely look at their wall mount phone holder.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Case

One of the best things about the iPhone 11 is all-new​ colors and who would not want it to show it around. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Case has a transparent back with sides matching to your iPhone.

Or if you are like me, you can pair a black sides with the glowing white back of your iPhone 11 to give it a nice contrast. The phone camera bump and front screen is protected with raised lips.

The case also provide military grade protection for your phone with shock-absorbent corners. You can use this case to get good protection in thin profile with decent budget.

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Apple Silicone Case For iPhone 11

Apple Silicone Case For iPhone 11

If you really want a premium case with a thin profile, Apple Silicone cases are something that will work for you. It comes in two different colors – Black & White.

The case fits perfectly to your iPhone 11 and it will be one of the snuggliest fit in the market. The button or the camera cutouts are proper.

With the help of silicone, you will get a good grip on the phone so need to worry anymore about slipping it out of your hands. Microfiber lining inside of the case protects your iPhone with unwanted scratches.

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Totallee Thin iPhone 11 Case

Totallee Thin Case For iPhone 11

If you want a good case with a thin profile, Totallee thin iPhone 11 cases are for you. Totallee is making some thin profile cases for iPhones for last few years and got a lot of praise for their product quality.

The case is only 0.02mm thick which does not add any thickness to the phone. It also comes with minimalistic design and does not have any visible branding on the case.

You can get this case in six different colors including clear. So go ahead and choose a good thin design case which compliment the color of your iPhone.

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AMOVO Detachable Leather Case

AMOVO Leather Detachable Wallet Case

Next entry in our list is a leather detachable case which can act as a folio wallet or thin leather cases. The case has a removable thin leather back case which can be really handy for wireless charging.

If you would like leather cases and would want to use folio case occasionally, this case can be a good fit for you. Use the wallet case for easy shoppings or carry a few cards with you for trips while the back case for day-to-day use.

Wireless charging will work with inner case. Though it adds a little extra bulk on the phone due to dual cases but if your heart is set for leather case, this can give you good protection.

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UAG iPhone 11 Rugged Case

UAG Crimson Red Rugged Case for iPhone 11

If you want full proof protection with a lightweight rugged case, UAG has an offering. You can use their feather-light rugged cases to provide military grade protection to your phone.

Though the case has a thickness but the weight is very less because of the material used. You will not feel the weight of a rugged case on your hand.

It comes with a 10-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. The case is one of the best-rugged cases for iPhone 11 because of the type of protection it provides with the light-weight profile. It is also compatible with wireless charging, so you can still use wireless chargers with iPhone 11.

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Ringke Fusion Designed Clear Case

Ringke Fusion Designed Clear Case For iPhone 11

Ringke offers some of the cost-effective and durable solutions for phone cases. Their iPhone 11 cases are available now and you can order them on Amazon.

The Fusion series for iPhone 11 delivers the hard PC back with TPU bumper to provide maximum safety to your device. It’s compatible with wireless charging and can be used with all other accessories.

You also get a lanyard hole at the bottom corner to attach wrist bands, in case you want to use it. A good way to protect your phone if you are using it as a remote for Apple TV games.

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OtterBox COMMUTER Series Case

OtterBox Commuter Series Case For 2019 iPhone

OtterBox has defined the rugged smartphone cases with their different line of cases. COMMUTER series is one of the oldest and always provide the most robust protection which you can expect from any case.

You can get the case in five different colors to match it with the color of your iPhone. Soft interiors and hard outer means that your phone is protected well from scratches as well as fall.

The case comes with port cover to protect your phone from dust. Button cutouts and raised lips means that you get proper protection while carrying it in you bag or pockets.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 11

Spigen Tough Armor Case For iPhone 11

We are talking about best cases for iPhone 11 and how can we complete the list without mentioning Spigen. Spigen cases are like Toyota for smartphones, works as intended, good durability without any bells & whistles.

Spigen Tough Armor case is also in the similar line, provides good rugged protection to your phone, looks decent and comes within a reasonable price point.

This is dual layer case which protects your phone from dust or unwanted scratches. It also comes with inbuilt kickstand so that you can enjoy your media on the big 6.1-inch screen. Tough it’s a rugged protection but you can still use your wireless charger with the phone.

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Caseology Parallax Case For iPhone 11

Caseology Parallax Case 2019 for iPhone

Let’s close the list with one of the good dual layer military-grade​ protection for your phone. Caseology Parallax cases are slim profile dual-layer cases which can provide good grip to your phone.

The case does not add much bulk to the phone and have raised lips to protect your screen. four different colors complement your iPhone and provide a good style.

The case comes with decent price point and starts around $10 for most of the colors. It comes with unique 3D pattern to add a profile to your phone.

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While buying the phone, you’ll want to make sure you protect the precious new iPhone 11 from scratches and drops. So, go ahead and choose your favorite among the best cases for iPhone 11, and increase the safety and beauty of your brand new device.

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