Best Movies That Defined And Conquered 2010s Decade

Can you name me one person who has not been moved by a movie? Almost everyone has a favorite movie which is a boon on the days you feel low and looking for a comfortable space with your loved one. But, this does not mean that it was one of the best movies the entire audience has been waiting for. 

In the last decade, there have been so many movies that have not only touched people’s life but also proved their mettle in the box office also.

Movies That Defined 2010s Decade

A lot of things are to be considered when you have to choose the best from the best which includes the direction, plot, story-telling, creativity, acting, its impact on people, etc. Yes, the choices can be purely subjective in nature but here we have compiled a list of movies that truly shook the very foundations of movie-making. 

We have just ended a decade and if you are looking for some movies which have shaped the 2010s decade, here is the list.

Avengers: End Game

Avenger Endgame 2019 Movie Screencaps

What made you think that this wouldn’t top the list? After all, this was the world’s biggest movie of the year 2019 and neither the audience nor the critics could keep clam about it.

Post-acquisition of Marvel Universe by Disney, the MU Infinity Saga saw a fresh and a promising curve with its movies. While The Avengers (2012) was also one of the most remarkable movies made in which we saw the superheroes coming together after putting aside their differences, Avengers: Endgame was MU fan’s perfect dream ending in motion.

Its promotion was also quite peculiar which featured Thanos’ gauntlet and created the much-needed hype to create curiosity for the movie. With action, unexpected scenes and lots of love from the audience, it was one of the most grossing movies of the decade.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Movies od 2010s decade Mad Max Fury Road Screencaps

George Miller’s best movie to date, Mad Max Fury Road was one of a kind that no one had witnessed before. The movie revolves in a post-apocalyptic condition that showcases the survival story of Max the loner warrior who on his thrilling and exciting journey discovers a lot more of what he didn’t know.

What amuses us about this movie is firstly its nail-biting, unthinkable and never seen before action scenes which have been filmed with the help of crazy and jaw-dropping weapons, arms and vehicles. The second and the most positive thing is the portrayal of strong, independent and fearless female characters who refuse to play by rules blindly.

Last but not least, this is not some other action movie but it also deals with an environmental issue which is highlighted in the form of the water crisis. Easily one of the best action movies of this decade. Oh, what a day! What a lovely day! (If you know what I mean).

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Moonlight 2016 Oscar Winning Movie

The story of this movie has moved millions across the globe and it has also paved the way for the new age cinema where race or the term ‘black’ is not a subject of partiality and racism. The movie also got its due recognization on the most admirable Oscars which is a triumph and a new beginning in itself.

When Jenkin started this movie with a low budget and an amalgamation of cultural influences, he certainly did not expect to come this far. Oh yes, it is a directional masterpiece which for the very first time highlighted male vulnerability, tenderness, depth of unspoken feelings and black sexuality.

It revolves around the life of a young boy who is completely moved by a drug dealer who leaves a young impression on him and also teaches him how to discover oneself. But, by the end, you too will start looking at things differently.

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Best Movies Joker 2019 Screencaps

A directional masterpiece, the darkest hero of 2019, along with simple profundity that captured the intellectual stimulation of the common man, words are not enough to describe what Joker has done to its audience.

This is Joaquin Phoenix’s best performance we have witnessed to date. This movie did not just move the viewers but the actor himself. In his interview, Joaquin describes how difficult it was to get out of the character as every moment felt real.

This movie showcases the harsh reality of society and celebrates ‘Joker’ in a world full of dazzling diamonds.

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Movie Screencaps

Do you believe in second chances? Some may while some may not. But, what if you are destined to be together forever in spite of all the differences and opposites you carry in yourself?

This is an unapologetic love story twisted in a witty, humorous yet subtle enough to allure us into wandering in a different shade of love and relationships which is simple yet difficult to comprehend.

An amalgamation of Sci-Fi and Romance, this movie keeps you glued to the screen full of thoughts till you reach its soothing climax.

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Marriage Story

Marriage Story Movie 2019 Screencaps

Ever since its release, this movie has been twirling its rounds for good. Don’t let the title fool you, the movie is about divorce.

A perfectly happy couple is what they begin from but, soon the things start to change as reality strikes and everything starts falling apart.

Being one of the bests in their professional lives, they soon come face to face with their deepest fears as they frustratingly reach their extreme tangible point which has no simple cure.

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Get Out

Best Movies Of Decade Get Out Movie Screencaps

This thriller cum horror story is so beautifully made that you will be searching for your nails at the end of the movie.

It is about Chris- a black American man who goes for a visit to his white girlfriend’s parents. Things seem to be good at first but slowly and steadily, Chris is surrounded by their dark, terrifying personalities and is challenged with unimaginable truths and events ahead.

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Okja Movie From Netflix Screencaps

Okja is definitely one of the best movies I have come across which with its super impressive and talented cast and a heartwarming tale of friendship has moved millions right from its trailer launch.

A young girl and her best-friend super pig Okja are caught up between the greedy corporate politics and unseen circumstances while Okja fights for her life.

The bond between the girl and her best friend is the kind of love the world needs right now. Besides, it also highlights the important issue of animal cruelty and rights.

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Before Midnight

Before Midnight Movie Screencaps

Who knew philosophy could be presented in such an interesting manner with a twist of romance in it? The Before Sunrise, Before Sunrise and Before Midnight Trilogy is a personified beauty in itself.

The plot is set up between two young individuals Jesse and Celine, who are passionate, confused and dealing with the usual teenage problems.

The trilogy takes you to a journey with starts with young love which eventually matures into old age which is where you face reality. Also, it widely discusses the most complicated problems in a simple manner which is truly a delight.

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Frozen 2013 Movie Screencaps as Best Movies Of the Decade

You might be wondering as to why this movie has made it to the list. But, there are a plethora of reasons why.

Firstly, Elsa is not just any other Disney princess whose problems get solved when a man appears; she is an independent young woman who is yet to discover her true self.

Her curiosity with respect to her superpower of turning anything into ice leads her on her own chronicles that turns out to be her path to self-discovery.

Also, she doesn’t need a prince charming to end her story as her power and herself enough. When she sang ‘Let It Go’ she asserted a strong feminine power in the industry which represents all the modern young women. This can easily be one of the best animated movies of the decade.

The movie has become a craze around kids of this decade and Frozen 2 was a perfect way to end the decade.

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Best Movies Inception Screencaps

This movie plays Science as a God. Cobb is a professional thief who commits cloak dagger activities by infiltrating his target’s subconscious. This is a matter of playing with balls for him but tables turn around when he is blamed for his wife’s death.

To set free, he has to perform ‘The Inception’ which is implanting a person’s idea into a target’s subconscious. The movie is deep, imaginative, highly Sci-Fi and a technological masterpiece.

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The Social Network

The Social Network Movie Screencaps

This is the story of your most-loved social media platform. Yes, it’s all about Facebook.

So, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg created a social networking platform while studying in college along with his friend Eduardo and things go all well. But, in a short span of time, as Facebook gains popularity, a lot of lies told between each other came into the forefront and things are taken to a legal battle.

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Her Movie Screencaps

We have often heard people saying that love has no barriers and boundaries. Well, this story depicts the same. An introvert write suffers from a mental block; he purchases an Artificial Intelligence system to help him get back on track of writing.

Now, AI is smart, intelligent, humorous and witty which catches the attention of Theodore. She is the one who helps him when he feels lonely and thus he develops feelings for the AI.

Want to know what happens next? Go and watch it right now. I’m sure, it won’t disappoint you.

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Tangerine 2015 Movie Screencaps

This movie had broken all the stereotypes with a bang! The most interesting element of this movie is the shooting itself.

Yes, you heard that right, the entire movie was shot by iPhones augmented by other devices. But, this is not the only reason why speculations were raised high enough.

It revolves around a relationship of Sin-Dee a transgender who is madly in love with her boyfriend. But, when she comes to know that he is cheating on her, the entire world around her comes to a halt. Instead of being a damsel in distress, she decides to teach the new girl a lesson of a lifetime.

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The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden Movie Screencaps

A lesbian psychotic drama along with a story full of crime, revenge, and secrets keeps on unfolding throughout the movie.

It is a rollercoaster of emotions you never knew existed and a story of betrayal and heart-wrenching lies. A con man along with a handmaiden plots and tries to seduce a young Japanese lady who is an owner of a wealthy inheritance.

I’m sure this movie will keep you wanting for more and more till the end.

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Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread Movie Screencaps

One of the most celebrated dress designers in the world Reynolds Woodcock has a lifestyle that no one can understand including him. This is the main reason why he remains unsuccessful in most of his personal relationships.

He decides to take a break from his meticulous lifestyle and visits the countryside which becomes a change in his life when he meets Alma, a waiter in his regular café. She later becomes the love of his life, someone he can’t live without and the reason for his death.

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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Screencaps

Even a person who isn’t a romantic would admire this movie equally as a die-hard romantic would do. This is a classic rom-com with a deep message for a cozy afternoon which will make you rethink your perception of love.

It is a storyline of beautiful bonds between two teenagers who are fighting with illness meet at a congregational gathering and things instantly clicks between them.

This movie is the perfect ray of sunshine on a gloomy day which is a story of love beyond death.

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Lincoln Movie Screencaps

This one by Steven Spielberg is emotionally thrilling, historically enlightening and directionally brilliant all combined in one.

The movie traces the rise of power of Lincoln who is one of the most loved presidents of the United States of America. He uses his power to resolve and abolish slavery and discrimination against Blacks in America.

Thus, it also highlights a distinguishable trait of Lincoln. It also shows his efforts to unite his country during the Civil War and his relationship with his inmates.

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The Shape of Water

The Shape Of Water 2017 Oscar Winning Movie

The Shape of Water is one movie that left the audience awe-struck right after its release and it revolves around a lot of ethical issues which it caters too. At the same time, it also showcases the tenderness, love, and bond irrespective of gender, caste and creed.

It is a story of a mute girl Elisa. She is a janitor and is lonely who earns minimum wages. When she is assigned the task to take care of the special laboratory, she comes across and amphibian creature and develops an intimate relationship with him.

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Lady Bird

Lady Bird Movie Screencaps

How difficult is it to struggle with all of your hormones and emotions at once? It’s tough right, but that’s what every teenager goes through. It’s an age where one is confused, hyper and strong-minded as everything seems to be exciting and cool as per them.

This is beautifully depicted in the movie ‘Lady Bird’. Christine Lady Bird is a teenage girl who is not only confused with her career choices but also faces a lot of ups and downs in her relationships. The movie is indeed an entertaining piece. 

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So here are the best movies of the 2010s decade which have shaped the cinema in the last ten years. Some of them even went and conquered the box office to break all records.

Which ones are you favorite? Did we miss anything in our list?

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