Latest Titles To Stream On Netflix, Hulu And Prime Video This October

After surviving the pandemic, where the theatres will open and delayed, blockbusters are all set to hit the floor. However still, the entertainment will be dominated by online streaming. The streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are ready to release their new titles in October and give a full entertainment dose to the viewers.

So, here’s the full list of upcoming streaming titles which you can stream on these streaming platforms this October. Get to have a blast with your family during October.

Titles To Stream On Netflix

Titles Coming To Streaming Networks Oct 2020

It is a streaming giant; Netflix has never failed to satisfy its consumers. It is ready with its new releases this October. Netflix’s Oscar hopeful The Trial of the Chicago 7, a legal drama based on a true event directed and written by Aaron Sorkin. It is coming on the 16th on Netflix.

The much-awaited final season of Arrow will also be streamed from October 16. The Indian Netflix film Ginny weds Sunny and Serious Men, and lots of more is coming to your way on this October, so be ready.

This October month on Netflix will be packed with Indian original content, interesting shows, and some spooky genre content. Here is the list of Upcoming streaming titles on Netflix coming this October: 

Haunting of Bly Manor

Haunting of Bly Manor Screenshot

The most awaited second season of ‘Haunting of the Hill House’ is ready to join Netflix on October 9 in Upcoming streaming titles. The first season that gave the people nightmares for months is now being replaced by the new season, which has gone one level up in terms of horror.

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Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween Movie Screenshot

Hubie Halloween will hit Netflix on October 7, 2020, followed by Steven Brill. Hubie’s character is played by Adam Sandler.

The story is that Hubia is not a famous guy in Salem, but that guy does his hardest to keep the city protected when Halloween is really spooky with a true killing.

To the Lake

Releasing on October 7, 2020, To the Lake is an original Netflix series. When a mysterious plague hits Moscow, the story shows us a group of survivors manage to escape to the wilderness. They face challenges like sickness, looters, and bad behavior from their bad blood.

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The Dark Tower

The plot is about a teenager with abnormal disabilities who come into contact with the Last Gunslinger. Its job is to prevent a wizard from losing what binds the world together.

On October 8, 2020 the Dark Tower will be coming to Netflix. If you have not watched the movie till now, it will be a good time to check it from your list.

StarTrek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Screenshot

The all-new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery is coming on October 16. This season the Discovery crew went where no one has ever gone before. They go 930 years ahead in the future, and the Federation has gone under a few changes.

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Arrow TV Series Screenshot

The much-awaited final season of Arrow is ready to stream from October 16. In this season, a collision of past and future is shown as Oliver aims to save the multiverse. He is also well aware of the knowledge about the sacrifice he has to make.

LA Révolution

LA Revolution Screenshot

The tale is about a distorted history in which France in the 18th century is destroyed by a mysterious illness. They displayed a violent battle between the rebels and the bourgeoisie.

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The Trial of Chicago 7

The Trial Of Chicago 7 Netflix Series Screenshot

The future Oscar will look forward to Netflix on the basis of actual events. The tale reveals that nonviolent demonstrations have turned into a brutal police altercation. It displays one of history’s notorious trials.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit Netflix Screenshot

The story set in the 1950s, shows a young girl in an Orphanage who have an interesting talent for playing chess. The story shows her unlikely journey to stardom and fame.

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After a nuclear disaster, a family stricken by poverty and hunger has proposed a meal for participating in a play at the hotel. But the audience at the hotel started disappearing mysteriously.

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Titles To Stream On Hulu

Hulu is ready to send the highest-speaking material ever during Halloween, including Into the Dark, the film horror film sequence of Blumhouse ’s Light as a Feeder, etc.

With its anthologies of love horrors, these shows will be very wonderful. Ses tales, in particular, deal with Halloween, and this is the newest addition. These expose the characters absolutely because they are legendary beings, and because they have multiple experiences.

Shows with Jonathan Tucker, Kaitlyn Dever, Mike Colter, Kelly Marie Tran, and others are guaranteed to be a big success.

Light As A Feather

Light As A Feather Hulu Originals Screenshot

It is an American show which will bring trill to enjoy sitting at home. This web series is a supernatural story that star Liana Liberato, Brianne Tju, Haley Ramm, Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Alisa Allapach, and many more.

Surely this show is a big hit in the coming time. The story revolves around student Violet. It is all about the games and thrill in their life. 

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The show will premiere on Hulu, which has been inspired by the work of an artist Keith Knight. It is starring Elle Fanning and Nichola Hoult. This upcoming series from Rick and Morty has won many hearts before the release. 


Another best addition to Hulu could not be much better than Pen15. It is the story of the 13 years old middle school friends dealing with the new part of their adolescent life.

The co-creators of the show are Maya Erskine, Sam Avibleman, and Anna Konkle. The show stars Maya Erskine, Dylan Gage Moore, and Anna Konkle. 

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The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale’s story entirely revolves around the novel by Margaret Atwood. This show will depict people facing natural disasters and also for plunging birth rates. Thus the show entirely focuses on the real-life stories that we generally listen to and view. Bruce Miller is the creator of this show. 

Titles To Stream On Amazon Prime Video

With the latest Amazon Prime Video US new arrivals almost over Halloween, October 2020, with several titles planned to bring a shiver down your turn, isn’t unexpected.

Black Box

Black Box tells the story of a man who, in a vehicular crash, loses his wife and memories while undertaking an agonized testing period to challenge the whole of his personality.

The Deception reveals the dreadful circumstances when two catastrophic parents try to deny that their daughter has murdered her best friend, brutally.


Anything very particular hunting for? Slice provides a unique mashup of horror humor. The crazy plot consists of murders, a pizza joint, a hell portal, and a wolf, played by Chance, the Rapper, who premiered his picture.

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Hub Tub Time Machine

Four friends waked up in 1986 hot-tub of a ski resort and face their pastures and the nightmares of a decade. Craig Robinson, Craig Corddry, John Cusack, and the star of Clark Duke. Particularly fun for those who did it in the 1980s

Bleeding Steel

For this dazzling sci-fi thriller, Jackie Chan goes back to his Chinese cinema roots. The spectacular stunt of Chan’s job is something unique for action scenes.

Daddy’s Home 2

Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are returning to the rivalry as stepdad and dad. In comparison to the 2015 comedy, Jon Lithgow and Mel Gibson were added to their fathers to double the daddy quotas.


The long-standing artists Theresa (Debra Winger) and Robert (Richard Jenkins) educated their daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) for cheating and scamming in Kajillionaire. However, they are forced to deal with their crime after an alien (Gina Rodrigez) has been looped on their new heist scheme.

The comedy-drama appears to be both stylistic and sentimental with a weird, vivid, and moody trailer. Critical reviews were mostly positive, and we have strong expectations.

Chasing The Crown

Dreamers to Streamers combines streamers with mainstreamers as mentors and airs live so that audiences can impact their performance through polls, sports, and chats. Every week, streamers must accomplish those targets, and the show will also relate to how they do so on the website and within the Twitch community.

The winner will play in one of the Crown Cup tournaments on the channel. Check out this new series this month for a preview of something new.

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is a supernatural comedy series featuring a team of paranormal explorers who discover and post ghost encounters in the UK on an open platform for everyone. However, with their arsenal of manufactured mystical ghosts, their mystical encounters become more regular, more terrorizing, and even dangerous as they discover a plot that might mean Armageddon for the whole of humanity.

They are hanging over handled chapels, secret bunkers, and deserted hospitals. Located in this strange universe full of fearful predators, Truth Seekers combines satire with terror (as many good things do).

This brand-new series is the best thing to see when you ring in Halloween! Star Nick Frost, Malcolm McDowell, Simon Pegg, Julian Barratt, and more!


Get to enjoy the lockdown time to the core by spending time with your family and subscribing to the Upcoming streaming titles. Your lockdown time will become the most memorable one with the subscription giants to be your best companion.

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