Latest Titles To Stream On Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video This November 2020

We are very quickly approaching the end of one more year now. 2020 will become outdated after 60 days. The gradual yet fast pace a year approaches and ends is simply commendable. One time we are just getting used to writing 2020 instead of 2019 and boom, 2020 is also near its end.

Surely 2020 was not the greatest year, in fact it was far from being an ideal year, but entertainment managed to find its way even in this year. We got to see many great shows and movies this year, who can for The Boys season 2 and Money Heist season 4.

Despite all the trouble and lockdown this year saw constant release of movies and shows. They were the only support which have led us through this gruesome year and in fact have also tried to turn its image in a positive way. But guess what we are still left with two months in our hands.

What Titles to Stream this November?

The Crown Netflix Series For Titles To Stream This November

It’s November now and with the festive season approaching faster now more than ever and the winter arriving we have a whole lot of things to look forward to.

They say that the best is saved for the last and they are very right in saying so. We will be able to witness this ourselves in the coming days. The November month will be flooding the OTT platforms with the best new movies and shows as well as the ones that were high on demand.

We have listed and tried to give a little description of all the must watch shows and movies that will be arriving on some of the biggest streaming OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. So, try to read till the end of the article to shortlist your upcoming streaming titles list for November.


Let’s start with the movies and shows arriving on Netflix this November.

The Crown (Season 4)

The Crown is a Netflix original show which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and her royal and lavish life right from the very beginning which is from 1940.

The show is not a documentary type show. It’s a drama. It picturizes all the important happenings, all the life events of Queen Elizabeth and how her political power and decisions were so influential in the destiny of the country along with many other things.

If you have already watched the third season, then it would fascinate you even more to see what’s to come in the story. But if you haven’t watched it yet then you can surely watch it after finishing with the previous seasons. The Crown season 4 will drop on 15th of November.

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Dash & Lily

Set to be released on 10th of November 2020 Dash Lily could be your best pick if you want to watch something comical and romantic at the same time.

Again, a Netflix Original, Dash Lily will be an American movie based on the book Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. Like the book the movie will also be of the young adult genre and will fascinate many young people among the audience.

Christmas Chronicles: Part 2

Christmas Chronicles part 2 is set to release on 5th of November. Like the first part, which was released in 2018, this is also a Netflix original movie and is of the Christmas comedy genre.

The story revolves around two siblings Teddy and Kate who sought to capture Santa on Christmas Eve and they even manage to do so, just to realize that they have created a big mess and need to sort it out until it is morning. With Christmas approaching this can be a great movie for your kids.

Don’t Listen

Unlike the jolly and fun Christmas Chronicles, Don’t Listen is a Netflix Original horror movie from Spain. It is set to release on 27th of November.

The story is about a man who loses his son in some tragedy and is then frequented by whispers and messages from some spirits. This compels him to reach out and take help from a renowned paranormal expert. So, get ready to get some chills this November!

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Shawn Mendes in Wonder

If you are a Shawn Mendes fan, then you can watch Shawn Mendes in wonder which will be his Netflix original. It will be like a documentary or a blog where we will follow Shawn Mendes as he tours around the globe for shows and concerts.

He will be opening more about her relationships, his career, and his future. It will be released on 23rd November. So, all the Shawn Mendes fans, be ready to catch it as soon as it drops.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

This joyful and feel-good movie will also be a Netflix original. It tells the story of a once great toy maker who after being betrayed by his apprentice can find hope in the form of his new and ever curious granddaughter.

It is a good watch for your children and even better you can accompany them in watching this movie. It is full of festive vibes. The movie is set to release on 13th November on Netflix.

The Liberator (Season 1)

The Liberator will land on Netflix with its first season. Again, it will also be a Netflix original and will be released in an adult animation format.

The show is set during the time of World War 2 and pictures the life of a soldier who postpones going back to home and instead chooses to help other comrades. If you like the war movies, you should enjoy this. The show is supposed to be released on 11th November.

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Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is another big streaming service which will have lot of originals and festive titles to stream this month.

The Pack (Season 1)

The Pack will be like an adventure show. It is best suited for you if you love dogs or any other pet. The show features twelve dogs and their owners who compete over multiple fun and adventurous challenges and travel to various places and countries within the show.

The one who is able to win most of the challenges or the pair who can outperform every other pair will be declared the winner of the first season of The Pack. The show is a prime original and will be premier on 20th November.

Uncle Franc

Uncle Frank is a comedy drama film which will be available on prime video this November. The movie is about a gay literature professor who revisits home to attend his father’s funeral.

If you like to watch adventure movies where trip is a main component of the story, then this movie is a perfect watch for you.

I’m Your Woman

I’m Your Woman will be a prime original drama movie. The movie will be about a woman who is forced to flee with his son because of her husband. The movie is supposed to be released by November last. You can add it to “my list” to get notified whenever it is released.

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Most Wanted

Most wanted will be a prime original action movie of the adventure, crime, and suspense genre. This will be about a reporter who sets out to uncover a mystery about a heroin bust which lands him in a Thai prison.

The movie is supposed to be released on 21st November 2020. This is based on a true story. You may want to include this movie in your list of upcoming streaming titles to watch if you liked The Report which was also on Prime Video.

Life in a Year

This prime original movie will star Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne. The whole plot is covered by the title itself.

It’s about a 17-year-old boy who after discovering that his girlfriend has only one year’s worth of time to live, tries to give her all the happiness, joy, adventure that one could have in a lifetime. This movie is set to be released on 27th November.


Let’s look at some of the new Hulu arrivals this month. If you do not have Hulu Subscription, you can subscribe to watch any of the below titles.

The Big Ugly

The Big Ugly is an action movie full of violence and that British accent. The movie is about a British Mafia group who come to Virginia to investigate the oil issue and things got worse from there.

It has the elements of revenge and can give you the adrenaline rush this November. If you haven’t watched it already you can now watch it exclusively on Hulu in November. It will drop on Hulu on 29th of November.

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This movie is not a Hulu original and has already been released on 20th August 2020. It is a mystery, survival drama movie which shows the story of a couple who have been trapped inside their car, which is frozen, in a very cold place.

They constantly try to find their way out and try to figure out ways of outlasting the freezing weather. This movie will be dropped on Hulu on 29th November.

Happiest Season

This movie marks the Kristen Stewart debut on Hulu in one of the romantic comedy movies of the year. It’s a Christmas theme movie which talk about people opening to their family about their sexual orientation.

The story revolves around a couple who is ready to take the next step in their relationship and looking to festive holidays to be the day for propose. But once she knows that the family of her girlfriend is still unaware about their status, it takes a turn.

Animaniacs (Season 1)

This famous animated cartoon series with tons of history does not need a description of any sort. It will be available on Hulu and you can freshen up your old memories, revisit the nostalgia and show your children what you used to watch. It will be available exclusively on Hulu from 20th November.

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This much awaited movie will be released exclusively on Hulu. It can be said that it is a Hulu original as Hulu purchased the streaming rights from Lionsgate for this movie. It has received some great expected ratings from IMDb and rotten tomatoes, and you might want to see for yourself if these are true or not. It will be released on 20th November.

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land will be a Hulu original show which will tell about a young french man who quests on the search of his sister in Syria. It is a no nonsense crime and terrorism movie and it will fascinate you if you like shows similar to Jack Ryan. It is believed to premier on 26th of November but it could premier even sooner. Our predictions are that it will premier on 18th November.

A Teacher

A teacher will be a Hulu original drama series releasing this month. It will talk about the complexities of an affair between a young student and his teacher. This will dive deeper into the relationship, the emotions, the societal aspect and also the love affair.

It’s not a regular drama series of the adult genre but it has an element of it as it is about high school. So, a lot of young audience who like to watch High School drama should include this in their list of things to watch. A teacher will arrive with its very first season on Hulu on 10th of November.

The Mighty Ones

The mighty ones can be one hilarious show in your upcoming streaming titles list that you won’t regret after watching. As already mentioned, it is a hilarious show picturing animated characters, that are creatures from the backyard namely a leaf, a rock, a strawberry, and a stick.

They have named themselves the mighty ones. This show covers their day-to-day happenings and their response to it. It is releasing on Hulu on 9th November.

These are some of the upcoming streaming titles across all the famous streaming platforms for the month of November. You can add these upcoming shows and movies to your watchlist after selecting the ones that you think will suit you.

As it seems the month of November is going to be full of Entertainment and hopefully, we are going to exit 2020 in a better manner.

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