18 Best Horror Movies That You Should Watch This Halloween

One chilly winter night, I saw a woman in a black dress standing beside my bed. When I looked at her, she started cursing me, calling names at me, and telling me that she will never let me live in peace.

I had lost my mind as I was having a conversation with a ghost which I realized later. She suddenly started pulling me down my bed and started attacking me. And when I called out for help, she disappeared. It took me quite a long time to get back to normal life.

Creepy huh? Well, it’s meant to be! As it’s the month of thrills and pranks, tricks, and treats. Yes! It’s Halloween.

Best Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

Halloween is one such festival that has nothing but thrills that no one could escape. It is one such event where everyone is excited about their costumes the candy and the pranks irrespective of age.

October, the Halloween month is here finally, the only time where horror is fun and eventually everyone’s ready to watch horror movies.

What’s more fun than you and your fellas watching a movie together?

Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

And for the souls who want something more than just carving out pumpkins, playing pranks that your great-grandfather has been playing since he was a boy and telling scary stories, here is a list of ten horror movies to watch with your family that might just bring chills down that spine of yours.

Now is the time to stuff popcorns into your mouths and lay down just lazy and cozy on your couch and literally “NETFLIX and chill”. There are many offers from major digital provides, so take those discounts on the movies and enjoy your evening with family.


US Horror Movie Screenshot For Halloween Movies

We all love vacations, right? This movie is about a family on vacations that are struck with horror as a group of doppelgangers surrounds and attacks them with mysterious motives.

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Get Out

Get Out Horror Movie Screencaps

Get Out is one of its kind movies. Imagine a movie with no ghost hauntings, no paranormal activity at all and yet being spooky and horrifying. That’s Get Out for you! This movie has received. Lots of accolades including the Academy awards (Oscars) for best writing.

Jordan Peele directs it, yes, the same guy from Key and Peele. It tells the story about a black person who visits his white girlfriend’s family only to be shocked by their absurd behavior. Just like the protagonist you will also be able to feel that absurdity in the movie and its character and by the time it reaches towards the climax it’s even more shocking and horrifying.

For a change you can give this movie a shot this Halloween. Get Out is one of the best movies to watch on Halloween (both according to the critics and me). My guess is that you will also be able to feel that absurdity and horror that million other viewers felt when they watch it.

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The Invitation

The Invitation 2015 Movie Scene

During a dinner party, a man starts getting intuitions that his ex-wife and her husband are having horrific plans for the guests. Well, what else could lure you better than food!

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The Insidious (Series)

The Insidious Movie Series

What is better than watching a horror movie on Halloween? Binge watching a whole movie series on Halloween.

The Insidious is a series of four horror movies directed by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that all the four movies are rated as top horror watches. This series contains some of the best movies to watch on Halloween.

The film series stars Lin Shaye, who is an old but skilled paranormal detective in the movie. Leigh Whannell has also put his acting shoes on in this series. And how can a horror movie complete without Pattrick Wilson.

Covered in four parts is the story of paranormal events interlinked with each other in a way that fascinates and intrigues the viewers to the core and compels them to complete the whole series in one go. James Wan once again has done a tremendous job in writing and it totally reflects through the plot and the events. The sound effects make the movie even more suspenseful and undeniably horrifying.

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We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here 2015 Movie Scene

In an interval of thirty years, an old haunted Farmhouse in England wakes up demanding a sacrifice. Now that’s a pretty messed up place to go for vacations.

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It (Series)

It Horror Movie Series For Halloween

Kids and horror- perfect combination. Right? Well after watching IT one may consider it to be a winning combination. On one hand there is all the mischievousness, strolling, laughter and temporary fights of the kids which while watching feels so soothing and fascinating and on the other hand we have IT, a ruthless, flesh eating, and terrifying ghost dressed like a clown.

Directed by Andrés Muschietti, the IT movie series consists of two chapters starring Finn Wolfhard, from Stranger Things, in the first chapter and Bill Hader in the second chapter. Both the chapters tell the story of the same characters in the small town of Derby who must face a terrible and dangerous monster named IT at different stages of their lives- as children in chapter one and as adults in chapter two.

IT has been highly acclaimed by many people and many of them even consider it to be the best horror movie with a perfect mix of horror, emotions and of course the innocence of the kids. The movie is a great family watch.

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The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 2016 Horror Movie

A thought of raising 4 children alone itself is scary and when it’s accompanied by a supernatural spirit, it can create a lot of scares. Can you recover from it and defeat those supernatural spirits?

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The Nun

The Nun Horror Movie

There are a lot of movies in The Conjuring universe but the oldest, the saddest and the darkest chapter of them all is told in The Nun. Not to mention how horrifying The Conjuring 2 was. The credit for all that goes to The Nun, who was the evil spirit against the Laurens. But it was only in 2018 that The Nun got a movie of her own. Released in 2018, The Nun is directed by Corin Hardy. Its story revolves around a big and empty church located somewhere in Romania.

The church in Romania, after being the site of death of a young nun is visited by a priest, a novitiate and a local. The church could not be spookier, and the surroundings and the sound effect totally amplify the intensity of the story. The Nun could be a good pick for a horror movie that you can watch with your family on this Halloween evening.

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Raw 2017 Horror Movie

A young vegetarian, who turns into a carnivorous being craving for human flesh after an incident. That’s too quick though.

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The Babadook

The Babadook 2014 Horror Movie

A widow discovers that her son’s story about a monster from the books is true in fact. Told ya mama!

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Annabelle (Series)

Annabelle Horror Movie Series

Just how cute and beautiful dolls are! I mean their cute little hands, legs, and the fingers, their beautiful smile, and the ease of moving them from one place to another. But would you feel the same way for it when its beautiful smile starts to get bigger and they are able to move from one place to the other by themselves? Spooky right?

Annabelle movie series is about a cursed doll who goes by the name Annabelle. The doll has a spooky and tragic past and brings horror and unrest to the place she is kept in. The film series has a total of three movies, and all can be watched along with the whole family. So, you can binge watch all the movies along with your family on Halloween until it is time for the Halloween party!

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Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary 1989 Horror Movie For Halloween

When a family moves into a new home-based in a rural area, they are welcomed by dark, mysterious spirits that lay their grounds in evil and horrific burial ground.

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The Awakening

The Awakening 2011 Horror Movie

Florence Cathcart, the protagonist of the story who does the work of exposing hoaxes happens to visit a boarding school to investigate sightings of a child ghost. However, the ambiance surrounding her is something supernatural.

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The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse Of Llorona Movie Screencaps

Ready for some Mexican classics, I am not talking about Narcos. The Curse of La Llorona is about a single mom who is in the US police and has two kids. Well then how is it Mexican? Well the ghost and her legend have their roots tracing back to Mexico.

As mentioned before kids and ghosts make the perfect combination and the same can be observed while watching this movie. It’s about a ghost who kills other children just like she did with her own when alive. The movie is very spooky, and the lights and sound totally complement the intensity and suspenseful background.

Like many other horror movies there is the church, well at least, a priest involved who is helping the protagonist in protecting her kids. It is also a family movie which you can watch along with everyone on Halloween.

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Byzantium 2012 Vempire Movie

Chaos follows when two female vampires on the run from their own kind, take refuge at the seaside in England.

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Curse Of Chucky

Curse Of Chucky 2013 Movie For Halloween

The story of a little girl’s doll which is being possessed, a cliché but worth a goose bump.

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Monsters 2010 Alien Movie

A photojournalist who happens to visit a place between the US and Mexico which is occupied by aliens.

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The Nightmare

The Nightmare 2015 Horror Movie

A documentary about eight people suffering sleep paralysis and the events that follow by.

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Above mentioned are the movies that might give you just the right amount of scare this Halloween, let it be a possessed doll or a terrific clown who lives under the gutter that feeds on kids, now is the time that you sit down with your family and watch some of these horror favorites.

Apart from these Halloween movies which are only a tiny part of the ideal list of horror movies, there are many other recent movies that come under such categories.

So, go ahead and choose a movie in which you are going to watch this Halloween or stream it with iTunes, Amazon or Vudu apps.

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