Best iOS Painting Apps For Kids To Keep Them Busy At Home

Almost all kids love to paint. While nothing puts down the joy of finger painting, the latest digital form is at times more comfortable. This particularly happens when you are traveling because an iPad or smartphone is easy to set up, faster to clean, and kids usually love it to a great extent.

Painting Apps for kids not only keeps them engaged but also enhance their creativity. Kids’ ability to play create colorful art and put their imaginations on the canvas is a real winner here.

Best Painting Apps For Kids

Best Painting Apps For Kids On iPhone and iPad

Because of the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic, almost all countries have declared four to six weeks of lockdown. All schools, colleges and commercial places are totally shut. Based upon the criticality of the situation, they may further extend it for some more months.

Families who have small kids find it hard to tackle their children in this lockdown. Most of the parents are working from home, and kids have no job to do. Hence they get uneasy, cranky, and disturb their parents.

For young parents, it is really a complicated task to keep their children busy with a game or homework for long. To help you, we have arranged some exciting painting apps to keep your kids occupied in lockdown.  

Below are listed the best painting apps for kids in lockdown. All the apps are available at Apple Store.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle Painting Apps for Kids

Kids Doodle by Zhao Chen is a joyful paint pictures application developed for young kids. It represents the easy drawing world for every child to free their imagination.

The application comprises more than 10 types of exquisite and magic brushes for kids to paint like a crayon, glow, neon, rainbow, and fireworks, etc. Kids can choose different colors randomly, making each painting stroke filled with a lovely surprise.

Kids Doodle has a bonus feature where kids can playback their painting process and enjoy watching their paintwork. Additionally, the app allows kids to doodle on the pictures they love.


  • The application supports more than 10 types of paint brushes such as glow, neon, rainbow, etc.
  • It is a perfect hand paint application and is easy for kids to use.
  • Kids can playback their drawings.
  • Color variation is random which makes painting surprisingly joyful.

Kids Doodle is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher. You can download it from the Apple AppStore.

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Paint Sparkle Draw

Paint Sparkle Draw is an exciting coloring book application for your kids by TabTale LTD. Your budding kid will surely enjoy the popular Paint Sparkle drawing application with stunning latest graphics and fantastic features.

This is one of the most liked paintings and coloring books by children and is very easy to use. The application has more than 20 vibrant sticks like colors and a fancy magic painting tool.

Using this colorful application will surely give your child guaranteed hours of fun.

Key- Features

  • The application uses 20+ exciting colours for your kid’s enjoyment.
  • It has multiple brush sizes and a magic brush tool to create beautiful paintings.
  • Kids can also save their drawings in gallery.

Paint Sparkle Draw is one of the best painting apps for kids to enjoy at home. It is compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone having iOS 9.0 or higher.

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Drawing with Carl 

This application by Tayasui is a lovely fun way of making drawings. The vivid and animated interface with clean lines gives the application an elegant look.

Drawing with Carl is a simple app for kids to use and sketching cool colorful pictures is easy to accomplish. Many children will also adore the mirror function mode that copies each finger swipe to the rest half of the screen. Your kids can create dazzling artworks quickly. 


  • The app interface is clean and easy to use for kids. 
  • The standard paintbrush has plenty of artistic spins. 
  • Kids can frame stunning art using the brushes offered by the app. 
  • Undo and Redo buttons in the app provides your child with a way to retrace the steps. 

Drawing with Carl is a creative learning app for kids to enjoy in lockdown. It works both on iPad and iPhone. You can download it from Apple AppStore. 

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123 Color HD – Talking Colouring Book 

123 Color HD Painting Apps For Kids

The 123 Color HD is a premium talking coloring book application that is greatly loved by kids. The app consists of several hundreds of entertaining animated style drawings like Paint by numbers, Paint by alphabets (upper and lower case) as well as freestyle painting. Parents must buy this application for young kids.

 It has many features like the Perfect paint option that allows kids to paint freely through hundreds of sheets while limiting the painting within the boundary of the object.

Kids can choose from thirty different colors and easily start painting. Even if your kids are not inclined to painting, the app makes it easy to create an ideal colored page.  

Key- Features

  • 123 Colour HD characterizes a Paint bucket to immediately color an image and a conventional paintbrush. 
  • The application is ideal for young kids. 
  • With the Perfect Paint Option, kids can paint well. 
  • There are 30 color options to choose from. 

123 Colour HD is the best choice if you are looking for coloring book style applications for your kids. You can buy it from the Apple AppStore. 

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Kid Paint

Kids Paint Apps For iPhone or iPad

Kid Paint is one of the kid-friendly painting application that is mainly designed for young kids to enjoy drawings freely. Using this app your children can learn to paint with many colors and doodle whenever they wish.

The app includes more than 10 brushes to draw with. Kids will remain entertained throughout using this app, as the size of the brush and color are randomly adjusted.  

The application is also useful for your kids to improve their drawing skills and mind. Kid Paint is created with features that can help your children can draw easily without any direction. 

Key- Features

  • Kid Paint is easily accessible to kids to enjoy drawing freely. 
  • It has a built-in gallery that can save both drawings and their procedures. 
  • The application uses more than ten brushes. 
  • The app can also import pictures for children to doodle on. 

Kid Paint is a wonderful doodle app to keep your kids occupied in lockdown. It is compatible with iPhone,  iPad, and iPod. You can download it from the Apple AppStore. 

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Doodle Buddy Paint 

Doodle Buddy Paint iOS App

Doodle Buddy is a fabulous drawing application that will make your kids feel as if they are drawing on a sheet. It is the most enjoyment that kids can draw here with a finger.

The app interface is an extremely easy and unusual choice of stamps makes it an absolute hit among young kids. Doodle buddy features a limitless color palette with loads of animated stamps and amazing audio effects that will entertain your kids. 

With Doodle Buddy, you can choose from almost 10 backgrounds and can also import pictures from your photo gallery. 


  • Doodle Buddy is an easy artistic medium for your kids to draw perfectly. 
  • The application supports both Portrait and Landscape mode. 
  • Kids can choose from more than 1400 stamps to beautify drawings and photos. 
  • The app features an indefinite color palette and incredible sound effects to amuse kids. 

If your children are not very good at drawing, then Doodle Buddy is the best application for them to learn during the lockdown. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod and requires iOS 9.3 or higher. 

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Creative Play 

The very hungry caterpillar by Creative play is full of fun applications that can develop digital drawings and collages and create toodles inspired by Eric Carle. The app lets your kids explore ways that Carle used as an artist. It also helps children to get creative research and explore their own style. 

Using the very hungry caterpillar app, kids can create on an empty canvas or use a dotted line cartoon of a few of the most familiar forms from Eric Carle’s books. As little kids will play, they will discover different sorts of fun characters like the brown bear, etc. 

Key – Features 

  • Unlike the mess of real painting, kids can use all tools, including painting, coloring, and drawing. 
  • Eric Carle’s hand-colored collage comes in all shapes and textures. 
  • Creating a blank canvas improves your child’s imagination. 
  • Kids can learn to select the color and paintbrush using the draw mode. 
  • Your child can save and view paintings in a personal gallery. 

If you want your child to learn some creativity, then The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the last and the best option on our list. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad. You can download it from Apple App Store. 

All of us are going through a difficult phase due to the coronavirus outbreak. For young parents, the above apps are the best method to keep children entertained and busy at home.

These were a few of the best painting apps for kids to enjoy who love to draw and color. Drawing on the screen, amuses kids and brings them happiness and joy. For parents, this is the best way to improve your child’s artistic side and expressions. 

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