10 Best Thin Cases To Protect Your New Pixel 4 Smartphone

In addition to the high-powered components like a new radar system, a high-end, industry-leading camera, and fast facial scanning, Google Pixel 4 comes with a starting price tag of $799. It might be an expensive device to fix if it gets damaged.

As it’s said- prevention is the best cure – owners of Google Pixel 4 should consider buying the best thin cases for Pixel 4 to protect it from physical damage.

Best Thin Cases For Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 Thin Cases

To protect your new phone’s vibrant and super smooth OLED screen and ensure that its industry leader dual-lens camera doesn’t get damaged, you must consider buying a protective case for your Pixel 4. Thin cases protect your phone without adding much of the bulk to the phone.

Here is a list of the best thin cases for Pixel 4 which you can buy from the market. Take your pick and protect your phone with elegant styling.

Google Pixel 4 Fabric Case

Google Pixel 4 Fabric Case

One of the best thin cases for Pixel 4 includes the official fabric case of Google Pixel 4. Besides complementing the quirky handset, its durable texture on the outer side is trimmed with a soft lining of microfiber on the inner side provides a protective cushioning to your phone.

Though this case isn’t the softest to touch and can be quite slippery due to the hardened knit fabric, it holds up far better than expectations.

Over time, Google has taken care to maintain its resistance against dyes imparted from other materials or surfaces. Considering this is a smartphone case coming directly from Google, it has a perfect fit for the phone.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel 4 Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Thin Case For Google Pixel 4

The elastic and soft edges of Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case coupled up with a hardened plastic panel to protect the rear portion of this device, especially its innovative dual-lens camera, make it your first choice in clear cases.

You may choose an apparent look for your investment or go with a rubberized matte black frame.

These cases are equipped with air cushion technology, the trademark of Spigen, which safeguards your phone when dropped and reduces the chances of your phone getting damaged.

If you choose the rubberized matte black case, you also receive swappable colored caps for the power button of your device. No other case available in the market provides the quality offered by Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid offering making it one of the best thin cases for Pixel 4 from the quality-for-money standpoint.

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OtterBox Pixel 4 Symmetry Series

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case For Pixel 4

Striking the right balance between durability and slenderness, OtterBox offers to you, the sturdiest cases available in the market for Pixel 4.

It is made up of a mix of Polycarbonate and synthetic rubber to ensure the safety of your device when it hits the ground. The Symmetry Series of OtterBox is available in a variety of colors, including pink and black.

The raised edges of this case prevent the super smooth OLED display from striking surfaces when the phone is kept upside down. Not a direct entry in the best thin cases list but it provides a good balance for people who wants rugged protection in the smallest footprint.

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TECH21 Pixel 4 Evo Check Case

Tech21 Evo Check Slim Phone Case

The Evo Check case of Tech21 is another clear case for your Pixel 4 device. It also offers a pop of color to the clear case and is available in blue, black, and red.

Tech21 claims to have tested this case against protecting devices when dropped from a height of 12 feet. In addition to its durability, style, and protective features, it also comes with an antimicrobial finish that staves off 99% of the germs.

Though this feature gives absolute peace of mind about the hygiene attached to the phone, at a decent price. This case is slightly towards the steeper side from the price point of view for an ordinary TPU case.

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UAG Monarch Series

uag monarch pixel 4 rugged case

If the ultimate protection of your device is of utmost importance to you and you do not mind paying a heavy price for it, you must consider one of the Monarch Series cases offered by Urban Armor Gear.

This case provides five layers of protection to your device and includes top-grain leather, honeycomb traction grip, and an impact-resistant core.

Its features also include oversized fortifications for the edges of the Pixel 4 as well as the buttons. There is even a protective display surrounding the OLED screen, which would help protect it should the device fall flat on its face.

Again, its one of the case which comes close to rugged protection of your phone with a slim profile.

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CASE-MATE Sheer Crystal Thin Case

Case-Mate Sheer Cystal Clear Thin Case For Pixel 4

Having paid a hefty amount for your Google Pixel 4, it’s obvious that you would want a classy and attractive appearance of your handset in addition to its functionality.

So, when you are looking for a case to add some flair to your experience with Pixel 4, the Sheer Crystal Case offered by Case-Mate might be an option for you. It comes with a scratch-resistant coating and drops protection from even 10 feet in height.

The anti-scratch coating guards the case against any scratches that can mark the unique and eye-catching crystal finish. Its flexible grip helps to ensure that the device remains in your hands and doesn’t slip easily.

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SPECK Pixel 4 Presidio Grip Case

Speck Presidio Grip Thin Case For Pixel 4

Available in diverse, bold colors, the Presidio Grip case of Speck deservedly holds its place in the popularity list across a variety of mobile phone models.

The graspable design of the Presidio Grip case renders the required performance of style and protection to your Pixel 4. It comes in five colorways for color combinations) that suit well with the Google Pixel 4 handset.

SPECK cases are made of polycarbonate and have the exterior linings to provide a better grip on the phone. Forget those slippery cases and buy this one if you always worry about dropping your phone.

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Olixar NovaShield

olixar novashield case 2020 smartphone

One of the most affordable options that you can find to safeguard your Google Pixel 4 is the Olixar NovaShield, available at just a nominal price.

Keeping the price down, Olixar has managed to deliver a brilliant design that encircles the screen by wrapping around the sides of your phone to keep the device protected. It also comes with clear plastic back.

The case is made of polycarbonate bumper, which has a raised surface, thus enabling the Olixar NovaShield to guard your Google Pixel 4 against any possible scratches when the phone is kept upside down.

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Totallee Pixel 4 Thin Case

Totally Clear Thin Case For Pixel 4

If we have to talk about the best thin cases for Pixel 4, we probably can’t ignore the Totallee Pixel 4 Thin case. Totallee is all about manufacturing cases, as thin as possible, and keeping your smartphones encased in the thinnest shell.

Maintaining its tradition, Totallee presents to you, the 0.02 inches thin and 0.1 ounces light case for your Pixel 4. However, if it is your habit to fumble with your device or you aren’t careful enough, the Totallee thin case, might not be a suitable option for you.

It is preferable for those of you who are looking for more protection against surface scratches than drops that might shatter the glass display.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style

supcase unicorn beetle style series case

In the category of inexpensive and cost-effective case, we can consider the Unicorn Beetle Style Series Supcase due to the high-quality offered by it at a reasonable price. It is a good case for active users who are pretty much concerned about the safety of their Pixel 4.

Supcase is capable of providing the desired security to your phone with its multi-part, 360-degree design that shields the screen of your phone as well as the back and the sides.

Besides providing full phone protection, the case comes with padded sides to provide a better grip while holding the phone. This will make sure you can use your phone without worrying about slipping. The clear back shows the color of your phone in style.

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So, these are some of the best thin cases for Google Pixel 4 which are available in the market. Take your pick to protect your phone without adding much bulk to it.

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