How To Remotely Share or Mirror Your Android Phone Screen

Smartphones have become very integral part of our lives and we are getting more and more dependent on them. Like any other software product, every once in a while we find ourselves needing some help from other people. It may be for an application issue or solving a problem by setting the things correctly.

Hence, once in a while it becomes necessary to troubleshoot our phones and often we find ourselves lacking the knowledge to do so. In times like these, screen sharing with your tech-savvy friend can be useful.

What if the other person is not available right next to you? How can you still share your Android Phone Screen with them and make sure you get the required help?

Remotely Share or Mirror Android Phone Screen

Remote Screen Share For Android Smartphone

If you are on the lookout for apps to use to mirror screen of Android phone with other devices, here are a few apps that you can try out. These solutions are divided in terms of different platforms which can be used by remote users.

Android to Android Screen Sharing

You can use below mention solutions if the remote user is also using an Android smartphone. These solutions expects that the remote user already has these app installed. In case they don’t have it, they may have to install the apps from Play Store to provide the support.


TeamViewer is made for Android phone to share screens and files with other Android phones. The app is easy to use and navigate through and allows you to remotely share screen of Android phone and to control it.

TeamViewer can be found on the Play store. Once installed in both phone, one can start sharing immediately through the input of ID provided by the Quick Support section.

Though we have mentioned this solution under Android to Android screen sharing but you can also use TeamViewer on your laptop or iOS device. So it can work with any device on the other side and allows you to share your Android phone screen with them.

Its remote controlling feature makes it one of the best screen share apps. You can give the control to other person and they can make the changes on your Android phones. However, one needs to install an add-on app to be able to enjoy the remote control feature.

Get It From PlayStore

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Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

By AndroidAndyUK

Inkwire is yet another app that allows you to mirror screen of Android phone to other Android devices. The app is lightweight and has features like voice chat which allows you to talk to other person over data.

Though it doesn’t allow remote control, the app is still useful when troubleshooting a problem in a remote device. You can give them the instruction over voice and check if they are taking correct actions.

One only needs to install the app on the concerned phones and share the ID provided to successfully start sharing screens. Though it does not have as many option as TeamViewer, it can still be a good choice for short sessions.

Get It From PlayStore is easy to use and all one needs to do is install the app on both phones. You can start mirroring either using a personal link or a one-time code, both of which can be shared easily.

It is extremely efficient and useful for meetings, with multiple sharing, video and audio facilities. Additionally, there is no time limit to the calls or sharing. However, some features can only be availed through Pro accounts.

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Android to iPhone

Android to iOS has some limited options as the platform changes but still, some online and application-based options are available to remotely share the screen.

You can use or TeamViewer Quicksupport apps mentioned above, just make sure you download a similar app on your iOS device also. This makes them good support apps for cross-platform integrations.

Our preferred solution is TeamViewer which allows you to easily connect and control Android smartphone. Just ask the person with iPhone to download the TeamViewer QuickSupport App from AppStore.

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Android to Windows Laptop

If you have someone who can help you from Windows laptop, here are the solutions which will work for you.

TeamViewer still has the support for the remote screen sharing and you can use it with the TeamViewer for Windows version. There are some other apps or web-based solutions which can help you in this case.

Screen Leap

Screen Leap is an efficient and convenient app for those who want to share their screens immediately. Just one click and 20 seconds wait, and you’re good to go.

Anyone with your personal URL can join the screen share from a web browser and provide the required help. Just create an account and start sharing your screen for a quick help.

Though useful and easy, you can only use this if Java is enabled in your computer. Another downside would be that its free version only allows you a screen sharing time of two hours; so if you want more, you will need to pay.

Get It From PlayStore

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings are an app which is made for business meetings but it provides free 1-on-1 meeting in their free plan. This is helpful in case you need a quick help and professional features.

You can even ask more people to join in the meeting, as a free plan can host meetings up to 100 participants. The only limitation is that the group meetings are limited to 40 minutes.

The app will not allow you to control your Android from a Windows machine but the other person can view the screen and provide guidance over voice. You have to download ZOOM Cloud Meeting app on your Android phone and create a ZOOM login to host your online meetings.

Get It From PlayStore

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Android to Mac Laptop

What if the other side person has a Mac laptop? How to share the screen?

Many of our web-based solutions mentioned above will work with Mac including ZOOM, etc. Once again TeamViewer is one of the software which makes it easy to control your Android Phone screen from Mac.

Here is other option which you can use, in case you don’t want to use TeamViewer.


You don’t have to search much to find this app as it is available as a chrome extension on your desktop. Once installed, you can use it to remotely share screen of Android phone or share files to your Mac.

Vysor can be used for free but be ready to be haunted by ads and miss out on a few features like recording screens and changing resolutions. Although, you can get a basic level of work done with the free version too.

You can use this app to work on your Android phone from your PC or use Vysor Share to give control to the remote user.

Get It From PlayStore

So these are some of the solutions which will help you control your Android Phone from a remote location. Use the solution based on the platform used by remote user and get the required help needed.

Overall TeamViewer comes as one of the best solutions which supports most of the platform and allows cross-platform control for Android smartphones.

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