How To Recover Your Money While Setting Up Smart Homes

There are so many smart home devices available in the market that starting your home automation effort seems confusing. It also is expensive at this time as the cost slowly pile up as you keep adding devices at your home.

Even after setting your smart home, you still have to look for energy cost. Energy cost is one of the recurring cost of managing a house and a good saving can reduce your monthly maintenance cost. OhmConnect is one of those company who can help you in doing that.

OhmConnect allows you to save energy and get paid for the energy you saved. Currently, the service is accessible in California state and has a tie-up with energy service providers to encourage energy saving.

How the Service Works

The service is free to use, just go to their site and create your account. From time to time, you will receive a message to save energy and whatever energy you save in next hour, you will get paid for that.

ohmconnect service

They provide a dashboard which allows you to check your current savings and performance in past Ohm-hours performance. You can keep track of your earnings and cash them out from your account.

OhmConnect Dashboard v2

The more you participate in Ohm-hours, the more you will be rewarded. They do keep announcing extra rewards for the participation in specific events which can help you earn more in some events.

Smart Home Device Integration

If you are starting your home automation efforts, you can integrate their services with your smart devices. This way your devices can react to the message automatically rather than you doing manual work. This helps in recovering some of the cost of your smart home devices.

They provide a nice dashboard which allows you to see the saving based on your smart home devices. A nice way to know which device is saving you more energy.

Smart Home Dashboard For Smart Devices

You can also check the list of compatible devices on their site so while buying smart home devices, you can make an informed decision.

They do extensive testing on those devices to make sure that they work with their system, so that you can save money automatically.

So, if you are staying in California, go ahead and check their service to save some money on your monthly bills.

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