Avengers Endgame: 10 Things That Make The Film A Masterpiece (Spoilers Ahead)

Once in a decade, a movie comes out that sets the benchmark for future generations. For the 90’s era, it was “The Terminator”, for the 2000’s there were a few genre-defining films like “The Lord of the Rings trilogy,” “The Dark Knight trilogy,” and the highest grossing movie ever; the magnum opus by James Cameron, “Avatar”. This decade is defined by Marvel Universe and specifically by Avengers Endgame.

The timeline of 2008-19 is unequivocally owned by none other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producer Kevin Feige assembled legendary characters from Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics and brought them to the cinematic platform and with a snap the Marvel Cinematic Universe became the highest grossing movie franchise of all time having grossed over $20.8 billion at the global box office. The Avengers films became the barometer to bring together the fans of all movie genres.

What Makes Avengers Endgame A Masterpiece

Avengers Endgame Title Screen 2019

The emotionally stirring culmination of the 22-movie Infinity stones saga, “Avengers: Endgame”, is arguably the greatest superhero movie ever made. Running slightly over 3 hours, Endgame is so gripping that you can’t even get up for a break.

Endgame performed marvelously on every yardstick to measure a great movie.

Ticket sales? It is the 2ndhighest grossing movie of all time and still counting (Let’s hope it surpasses Avatar). It is the fastest movie to cross 2 billion in ticket sales just 11 days surpassing another James Cameron masterpiece “Titanic”.

Sentiments? The most emotional Marvel movie yet. Acting? Riveting performances by every actor especially by the icons Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth.

Script? Near genius storytelling and a perfect homage ever to its prequels.

The movie opens with an old classic song titled “Dear Mr. Fantasy” by Traffic. With lyrics like – 

Please don’t be sad if it was a straight mind you had, we wouldn’t have known you all these years.

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Which bids a befitting farewell to the genius that Stan Lee was and sets the grim tone in the aftermath of the dark events of the Infinity war.

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Now that the spoiler ban is lifted, we address the best aspects of this era-defining movie through the following moments

Moment 1: I love you 3000

Tony Stark With His Daughter

The adorable little princess Morgan H. Stark (AKA Maguna) stole her daddy’s and our hearts by proclaiming her love for Tony in the most mathematical way; Like father, like daughter. Anthony Stark finally lived a happy life by being a family man. Even after his greatest loss, he found peace.

Interestingly the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo came up with the number 3000 by adding the runtime of every MCU movie i.e. 3000 minutes. Pretty cool isn’t it.

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Moment 2: Thanos dies twice

Thanos Iron Man War Scene In Avengers Infinity Wars

The mad Titan was a violent and radical prophet. Driven by his radical philosophies he achieved his self-righteous destiny and wiped half of all the living beings culminating the Infinity war. We hate him so much for that. But revenge is a dish best served cold and twice.

Thor took his advice and went for the head this time. The final death of his character was satisfying to the core as his own plan backfires and he was snapped to his death along with his army.

Moment 3: The Hulk-Banner fusion

Avengers Endgame Hulk Banner Fusion

Like all of us, Bruce Banner thought his strengths were his flaws. Thanks to the writers he had this epiphany and he accepted Hulk and his own persona as one, resulting in a hip millennial look.

Now, he enjoys his new life and the recognition that came along with it. Posing for pictures with children he offers advice like, “Listen to your mothers, she knows better.” We surely love this cute and mighty Hulk.

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Moment 4: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel In Avengers Endgame 2019

The strongest avenger needs no introduction. Carol Danvers is the epitome of beauty, strength, and heart. Thanos’s jaw was left agape when Captain Marvel destroyed his warship “Sanctuary 2” and took his massive punches like a pillow hitting her face.

The moment she rescued Tony and Nebula from the nothingness of a Galaxy far away, we knew she was the missing piece of the puzzle in winning the endgame.

Moment 5: Thor Lebowski

Thor In Avengers Infinity Wars

Chris Hemsworth’s homage to the religiously followed character Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski was a healthy dose of comic relief. The beer coping mechanism adopted by The God of thunder was much too relatable to adults all over the world.  

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Moment 6: The Time Heist

Black Widow And Hwakeye Going For Time Heist

People move on, but not us. Captain America silently prayed for a miracle for 5 years and Scott Lang resurfaced, revealing he traveled back in time, but to dive into the Quantum realm was a losing game till Tony Stark untangled the path to the past and present alike.

The brilliant plan to retrieve the stones from the past had its hiccups with heart-melting reunions, reminiscent scenes, and the tragic loss of Natasha Romanoff. A Shout out to the unsung hero who brought Ant-man back from the Quantum realm, the mouse. 

Moment 7: Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble to Fight With Thanos

If you mess with time, it messes with you back.

The inevitable war was a cringe-inducing visual spectacle and an example of genius fight choreography.  The original Avengers fought with valor till the moment we all waited for arrived, the resurrection of the fallen. The battle took a momentous turn and what followed was a tale to be remembered for ages.

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Moment 8: Captain America Wielding Mjolnir

Captain America in Avengers Endgame 2019

I knew it.

– Thor

It was the most iconic moment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deep down all of us knew Steve Rogers was worthy of lifting the hammer of Thor, he just chose not to all these years until it was necessary.

Even when he was battered, Steve buckled his shield tight and was ready to engage. Yes, he could do it all day.

Moment 9: The Endgame

Captain America and Iron Man In Avengers Endgame 2019

Thanos fell victim to his own arrogance. It took everything to stop him but Tony pulled it through making the ultimate sacrifice. Time went still the moment Tony Stark snapped Thanos and his followers out of existence.

This bittersweet ending left us crying but taught us an unforgettable lesson, heroes do what they must.

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Moment 10: The dance

Agent Peggy Carter In Avenger Series

Captain Steve Rogers spent his entire prolonged life in doing what is right and while doing his duty he lost so very much in his personal life. A man wishes to live and die with the woman he truly loves.

Good old Cap had the opportunity to do so while traveling back in time to return the stones. The movie ends with Steve fulfilling his promise he made to Peggy Carter. They jive to slow music and leave us in tears of happiness with a perfect ending.

Movies come and movies go, but only a few stand the test of time and stay in the hearts of millions forever. Avengers: Endgame is one such movie which will be remembered for generations to come.

The amount of love Avengers Endgame has received the result of years of hard work by the studio and its team. Stan Lee would have been so happy to see this movie along with his fans. He will be missed by us all.

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