Best Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video in Covid-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 lockdown has dramatically impacted our life. The work everyone was doing in their life has stopped due to this pandemic. The lockdown has filled everyone’s life with boredom. Many people find new ways to prevent this boredom through creativity but some may still be looking to find the best movies to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

It is always better to enjoy life and live every moment. But it may seem difficult as no one goes outside and everyone remains inside rooms. The accessibility of reaching out to friends is also not possible. But there is nothing to worry about; you can still enjoy life in rooms by watching these best movies on Prime Video.

Best Movies To Stream On Prime Video

Best Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime Video

Movies refresh the mood and reflect happiness in everyone’s life. It not only gives entertainment but also provides important lessons in life. People learn many things from movies like a social message in movies or how people connect with others and many more.

Watching movies is therapeutic and reduces stress from lives. It relates to emotions and helps everyone to appreciate art. People like to binge-watch a movie again and again if they truly enjoy that movie. So, in this lockdown, take time to watch movies and relax.

Many people go through a lot of confusion in selecting the best movies on Prime Video. It is quite simple to select the right movie, try selecting a movie that relaxed your state of mind. If you are stressed, then watch comedy movies.

If you are still confused, then here is a list of selected movies to lighten up your mood. Check the list of best movies to stream on Prime Video in this lockdown

Prime video is a video streaming service given by amazon to its Prime members. If you do not have access to it, then it’s a good time to subscribe to the service.

Rat Race (2001)

The movie is a comedy film having great star cast and contains many funny scenes which will make you laugh till the end. The movie was released back in 2001 and created a huge box office score. This movie was a hit and was the third highest-earning film after Rush hour 2 and American pie 2.

The movie starts with a business tycoon who plans a game to entertain his gamblers in his Las Vegas Casino. The gamblers usually pay a large amount of money. The plot then focuses on how the business tycoon arranges six competitors for the game whom the task was given to race 563 miles from Las Vegas casino to silver city.

In New Mexico train station, a storage locker has a bag that contains $2 million. Each competitor gets a key to the storage locker, and the one who reaches first gets the money.

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Contagion (2011)

Contagion has suddenly become one of the most-watched movies in the online streaming world. It depicts the tail of a Pandemic which starts spreading from China and spread across the world.

The movie narrates the story of different people fighting the disease, their loss, and determination to come up victorious. It also has some other aspects of a pandemic like people trying to take advantage of the situation or selfless acts to help people in need.

The similarities with what is happening in the world and close to real depiction of handling a pandemic makes it a must watch movie.

The Florida Project (2017)

The film has outshined in the critic response and got many praises for its storyline and depth. It also got high scores in movie ratings. The Florida Project is a 2017 movie of drama genre and includes many new faces in the movie. Although it had newcomers, the finest performance and acting skills bind the audience with the movie.

The plot of the movie follows a six-year-old girl, Moonee, living with her lawless single mother in a motel in Florida. They have a poor life and live in grime and dirt.

Both of them wanted to stay out of trouble to prevent from being homeless. The misery of their life is contrasted with the Walt Disney World, which was near the motel and easily visible from the place.

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Mission Impossible Fallout is an action spy movie and was grossing as the 8th highest movie all over the world after its release. The movie has a great star cast, and it is the sixth franchise of the total mission impossible series. After the mission impossible rogue nation, the audience was eagerly waiting for the new movie to release.

The story begins with Ethan Hunt, who is a secret agent and a part of the mission force, tries to secure plutonium cores. But the movie takes the twist and turns when the plutonium cores get in the hands of a terrorist organization, forces IMF to hunt the team members down. The failure makes the CIA director deploy the assassin to follow the trail of Hunt. It has a jaw-dropping plot and inspiring actions that grip the viewers into the movie.

Shutter Island (2010)

The Leonardo DiCaprio starred movie, Shutter Island is a psychological thriller movie that has many nail-biting moments. It is one of the best movies for thriller movie lovers as the movie makes you awestruck in different scenes.

Along with many positive reviews, the movie was in the top 10 films in 2010 as per the National Board of Review. The story stars Leonardo DiCaprio as an Us Marshall Teddy Daniels, who arrives at a psychiatric facility for investigation of a missing patient.

The shutter island has a criminally insane asylum in which one of the patients kills her three children and goes missing. As the plot proceeds, the Marshall comes to know about the terrifying truth attached to the island and how the place never lets you leave.

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The Handmaiden (2016)

The Handmaiden is a Psychological thriller South Korean film which received appreciation from many critics also. It has won the Best film not in English Language award at 71st British Academy film awards.

It was also selected in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and got many more awards for its gripping storyline. The story moves around a woman who is appointed as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress and gets involved in a plot secretly to cheat her owner.

It is one of the best movies from the director Park Chan-Wook. The movie can grip its viewers with a nerve-wracking thriller.

Up In The Air (2009)

Up in the Air is a comedy-drama movie that was in the nomination list of 6 Oscar awards. It was the Best Picture of 2009, according to the National Board of Review. Apart from this, it received 6 Golden Globe Award nominations and 8 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

The film, up in the Air, was a box office hit and had an amazing storyline. The story begins with Ryan Bingham, a termination assistant in human resources consultancy firm who never goes to the office because his work includes visiting other offices and firing them. He is a business traveler and a downsizing expert.

In the path of frequent traveling, he meets a woman of his dream and starts feeling meaningless about what he is doing. The crisis changes him, and he does all work to change his life for the newly discovered love. The story has much more depth, which you will understand after watching.

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Short Term 12 (2013)

The short term 12 is a drama genre movie, and it was the first leading performance of Brie Larson’s career. The narrative story was in the best movie list of 2013 of several critics, and it has also won many awards for the realism shown in the film. The performance of actors was truly exceptional, which caught all the attention of movie lovers.

The story has lead character as Grace Howard, who is a young supervisor of many troubled teenagers. Then the story reveals the painful past pieces of grace and the balance she maintains in personal and professional life.

She also has a long-time live-in boyfriend, who is a supervisor in the center. The story starts turning with a new entry of a teenager, Jayden, in the treatment center, and Grace’s life changes completely.

Spotlight (2015)

The movie spotlight reveals the true story of the Boston Globe Investigation and shows numerous cases of child abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area.

The story begins with the scenes of 1976, where two policemen discuss child molestation by a catholic priest. Then it slowly progresses and reveals a massive scandal of child abuse and how the priests were covering it up. After a year-long investigation, the truth comes in front of everyone, and this news disturbed the systems and beliefs of the entire world.

The movie was in several nominations and got many prestigious awards. Several critics appreciated the movie for showing the harsh reality of the world.

The above movie list will help you to clear your confusion about movie choices and provide you with the enjoyment in this COVID 19 lockdown.

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