11 Best Action Games For iPhone or iPad To Play Right Away

Action games are the best kind for those who like blowing things up, virtual fights and suave maneuvers to showcase their virtual fighting skills. Plus, they always leave your mind fresh and energetic, ready to work on something new.

With some of the best iOS action games across the app store, your iPhone is the easiest way for a few minutes of amazing virtual fun, no matter the place, time or situation.

Enjoying a break has never been more entertaining!

Best Action Games For iPhone or iPad

Best Action Games For iPhone or iPad

Here’s a list of eight best action games for iPhone or iPad to explore and enjoy for mobile game lovers.

Badland 2

With wonderful visual appeals and interestingly dark shades in when it comes to the background, this game is of the platformer type. In a typical platformer game, you lose as soon as you hit something and its game over in a snap. That’s not how Badland works though.

You’re this tiny bird-like creature trying to fly through a dark forest and you have all kinds of mysterious obstacles getting in your way. You have to fight through falling debris, rocks, wheels and much more than constantly object your path.

The best part of the game is your ability to change size at will- you can get small enough to get through stuff and big enough to push stuff away.

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Into the Dead 2

Yep, you guessed it right- Zombies. The name’s a dead giveaway, though.

One of the top rankers in the running games series under Action, Into the Dead, use one of the best motivators to make anybody run- half-dead, bloodthirsty zombies.

It consists of the usual props and motives in which you’re running from the zombies while dodging stuff that’s in your way with the occasional weapon lying there to help you out.

The ending is definitely epic- with gross panic and screams, you go down kicking while the zombies consume you. And you can’t change it. It’s a nice twist at the end, which sets this game apart from everything else and makes it one of the best fighting games for iPhone users.

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Infinity Blade 3

Another ranker in the list of best fighting games for iPhones, the third version of the Infinity Blade series is as enhanced as it’s previous two versions with state-of-the-art graphics and one-on-one combat in a fantasy world filled with mysterious elements and creatures.

Its storyline continues to expand from the previous levels and the player uncovers it as he fights his way further.

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Dumb Ways to Die 2

As the name suggests, the game has a genre of subtle dark humor. It is a compiled series of several mini-games the player has to play to get to the next level.

It’s mostly about survival-cute little creatures have to escape from morbid ways of dying and the challenges get harder and harder with time.

The challenges are usually silly and it’s obvious how to escape them. The backstory of this app is that it was created by the Melbourne Transit Association to spread caution to people to avoid doing anything stupid on the tracks.

A one-of-kind game, this is a wonderful example of a public service announcement, entertainment and one of the best action games-all in one package.

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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR Action Game For iPhone

Here is another Zombie game but this time it’s in Augmented Reality. Look at the zombies in the real-time and shoot them to save yourself.

ARKit is Apple’s latest addition to iOS 11 and many games have started adapting to it. We have talked about some of the best games which you can play in Augmented Reality.

This game is a mix of zombie and military games, you are sitting in a helicopter which is armed with all kind of arsenal and your target is to save your base from zombies.

Keep upgrading your arsenals and make sure that each last one of them is dead before your base is infested with zombies.

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Warhammer 40,ooo: Freeblade

What will you do if your house is destroyed?

Join forces and try to take it back with the help of heavily armed Warhammer as freeblade. You have 170 different lands to conquer and destroy your enemies.

Wander into the universe and find leftover treasures to improve your armor and weapons. If you are not satisfied with the killing it on screen, use the augmented reality mode and kill them in your own backyard.

The best thing about this game is its controls which has incorporated 3D touch to perform different actions. So get this game and enjoy killing those small machines.

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Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets

Why action can happen only on earth. Some of the sky batters are far more engaging than just killing the people with a handgun.

Get behind the wheels of a flying jet and fight off enemies jets or heavily armed battleships. You will be in flying over most populated cities so make sure you are only destroying your enemies.

If you get bored with set missions, you can join the online fun with 7 on 7 battles. Join forces with other online player and check who has mastered the art of flying jets.

This is one of the best action games for iPhone as long as you are looking for some aerial shooting experience.

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If killing zombies and humans are not your thing, how about some science fiction?

Hold the weapon of unknown origin and make your way. A game with a good combination of strategy and action which allows you to test your responsive game skills.

There are many function combination which can give different capabilities to your transistor. Use that to fight your enemies and progress further.

This game plays well on all screen sizes including iPad and Apple TV. You can try to play this game on Apple TV with Controller for much better controls.

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Radiation City

This is another beautifully created game but you will be in a radiated city – Pripyat, because of a freak nuclear accident.

For the fans of The Walking Dead, this game is a treat as, like the show, you have to visit places, gather resources and make sure your loved ones are saved. Isn’t that the idea of The Walking Dead?

Ok, in the show, the threats are zombies and humans, here its radiation and humans. So you will feel right at home with the game. There hungry predators and sub-human creatures will give you a feel for zombies.

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Are you looking out for some non-stop action-packed yet light game? Well, Orida is just the perfect match for you.

The plot is pretty simple. You have taken the form of an unknown life form in a dark, strange, dangerous and unknown world. The task would be to escort the creatures to a safe place away from the dangerous perils that try to harm you.

The environments are aesthetically pleasing yet full of surprises and danger. Also, the game is free of ads and in-app purchases. Packed with 30 levels, this one-finger platformer​ game is sure to keep you on your toes.

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BLEACH Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls is for all the anime lovers out there. Based on the famous anime novel, the plot revolves around the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki who has a special ability to enter the spirit world and fight hollows which are monsters from the other worlds.

However, this would be a team packed action game as you get to choose different characters and make your own team. Characters have their own special abilities which will even help you during opponent battles.

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Gaming is a wonderful way to relieve your stress and spend a few minutes off hectic work. Action games leave your mind fresh and ready to start working again.

With the onset of smartphones, gaming has never been more easily accessible and it can easily be used to best suit your entertainment needs.

Eight games to explore and enjoy might seem like a small list, but once you begin playing each one, you don’t really want to stop- especially some of the running games and games like Infinity Blade which are story-based.

Happy Gaming!

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