10 Best Sleeves for New MacBook Air 2018 Edition To Buy Right Now

The all-new MacBook Air is finally out, and the specifications would make you want to but it right away! It is thin and light and comes equipped with a great retina display.

With 13.3-inch display size which claims to have a full HD retina display promising of more lifelike colors. The new edition is already one of the best laptop range to house spectacular display so far. If you find the price little higher, then you can always look for an additional discount on MacBook Air with some deals.

The 2018 edition also has a Touch ID scanner at the top right corner which allows you to pay for your subscriptions and other purchases using Apple Pay. The Touch ID can also be used to unlock the MacBook Air.

Best Sleeves For MacBook Air

Best Sleeves for MacBook Air 2018 Edition

Having this beast means an addition of care which needs to be taken to protect it from unwanted damages.

That’s the reason we have compiled a list of the Best sleeves for MacBook Air. A sleeve is an essential accessory you shouldn’t be missing out on as it protects as well as comes in handy while traveling.

iCozzier Strap Laptop Sleeve Case Bag

iCozzier Strap Laptop Sleeve Case Bag For MacBook Air 2018 Edition

This is one of the best-priced sleeves for your MacBook Air. In addition, the product has a lot more to offer which will make you want to buy it right away.

The sleeve is made up of a fluffy fabric which protects your MacBook Air from any kinds of bumps and scratches. It has a handle which makes it convenient for you to use the sleeve on the go.

The main attraction of the sleeve is its storage option which it has to offer. There is a flap to store your MacBook Air. Right next to it lays a smaller compartment to store your tablet or a book which you wish to carry on the go.

The other side of the sleeve contains many small compartments and pockets which can house your earphones, mouse, power bank, keys etc.

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Canvaslife Black 360 Degree Protective Case

Canvaslife Black 360 Degree Protective Case for MacBook Air

This laptop sleeve is stylish, chic and the perfect suitor to your MacBook Air which you can carry in style. It is made on the 360-degree circular mechanism which can keep your laptop safe when placed in any desired angle of your own.

The sleeve is waterproof and shockproof which makes it easier for you to travel with it.

The sleeve houses two compartments- front and the back. You can store your brand new MacBook Air in the bigger compartment provided at the back. The compartment in the front is big enough to store your pens, book, mobile phone, mouse etc.

Also, it is available in other variants such as New Bohemia, Blue Vintage, Black Peony, Pink Rose, and Pineapple.

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ProCase Sleeve Case Bag

ProCase Sleeve Case Bag for Macbook Air

The ProCase MacBook Air sleeve comes with waterproof exteriors with an easy hand strap which enables you to carry it around with you.

It is made up of environment-friendly materials and protects your laptop from bumps and unwanted slips, dirt, water, scratches etc.

ProCase Sleeve is slim and light in weight and you can carry it in your travel bag as well. It has a compartment on the outside which can store your cord wire and other essentials.

The flap can be opened to 180-degrees and can store your laptop easily without any hassle. Also, you have multiple color options to choose from.

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Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve For MacBook Air

Amazon has its own range of products which are durable and worth investing for. This Amazon Basics sleeve can be brought if you are someone who carries your laptop in our backpack while traveling.

The material is soft yet protective which protect your laptop from dirt and unwanted mishaps. You can easily store and remove your laptop without creating fuzz. It also has various color options.

The sleeve comes in different size and can fit most of the laptops available in the market. Though the fit is bit snuggly but should be a good fit for MacBook Air thin design.

The only problem is that it doesn’t have a hand strap to carry it comfortably, so you can’t use it to carry the MacBook for a long time.

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Kate Spade New York Glitter Sleeve

Kate Spade New York Glitter Sleeve For MacBook Air

This case is made up of Vegan Leather and has a touch of glitter which is the perfect dash of paparazzi you need at your school or workplace.

It has a sleek design and is light in weight which makes it a portable sleeve around the office and in your bag.

In addition, it comes with a double zip closure which protects your laptop from bumps and scratches. You also get a nice padding which will protect the new MacBook Air 2018 Edition.

This case also does not have any handle or strap to hold it properly. So, if you need a case which can protect your MacBook and you can carry it in your carry-on bag, go ahead and buy this one.

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Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Bag

Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Bag

This is the best waterproof laptop sleeve for MacBook Air which we have come across so far. It is made up of waterproof canvas material which can resist heavy showers and vapor as well.

Also, the lining of the sleeve is made up of extra soft and anti-static fabric which makes it shockproof as well.

It comes with an extra pocket at the front of the cover to store your documents, tablet, mobile phone etc. The inner pocket can easily fit in your MacBook Air.

It is slim and chic to carry around. You also get a wide range of colors to choose from such as black, blue, grey, pink, purple and rose.

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MOSISO Lycra Sleeve Bag for MacBook Air

MOSISO Lycra Sleeve Bag for MacBook Air

This sleeve is stylish yet resourceful to carry your MacBook Air as well as your charger in a pocket bag of its own!

The fabric is soft and smooth yet protective of the accidental bumps and scratches thanks to its neoprene foam padding layer.

In addition, it has a fluffy fleece fabric lining which makes the sleeve shockproof as well. Besides, you’ll be confused by the huge variety of colors it has to offer.

It is water repellent to make sure your MacBook can sustain small water splashes. You can use the extra bag to store mouse, accessories or your MacBook Charger.

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Incase – Sling Sleeve for MacBook Air

Incase Sling Sleeve for MacBook Air

This is the Best Sleeve for MacBook Air if you’re someone who is always traveling for your work purposes.

It is made up of nylon which is water resistant and also has the capability to soak in the water spills quickly. Incase sling has a padded shoulder strap which makes your carrying comfortable and easy.

It has two additional pockets in the exterior which can be used for various purposes and are also expandable in nature.

The sleeve chains come with double chain mechanism for a more secure fit and locking of your accessories. The inner space is only sufficient to host a MacBook air and small accessories in the external pockets.

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MOSISO PU Leather Case cum Sleeve

MOSISO PU Leather Case cum Sleeve for MacBook Air

This laptop sleeve exclusively comes for the all-new MacBook Air 2018 edition. It is available for the 13 inch laptop range.

After the laptop is placed in the sleeve, it looks just like an executive book which you carry in your office. The sleeve is built with PU leather case and looks elegant while carrying your MacBook Air.

It works on the magnetic closure mechanism which secures your laptop from untimely falls and bumps.

Also, the case comes with shock absorbing features and the ports can be accessed from the cover itself. You can choose from the plethora of colors which MOSISO offers.

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Thule Rugged Sleeve Case for MacBook Air

Thule Rugged Sleeve Case for MacBook Air

This rugged sleeve case for your brand new MacBook Air is everything you need while trekking and recording and documenting your stuff on the go.

It secures your MacBook from falls, bumps, water, dust, dirt and other accidental happenings which can spoil your MacBook easily.

The interior comes with a soft padded material which is easy on your laptop.

Overall, the sleeve is durable, tough and good for the rugged protection of your laptop providing it with quality care it needs in the long run.

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You can always opt for a case for your MacBook Air but a sleeve is advisable in terms of protection for your laptop.

You can buy them from the list as per your budget and priorities which will help you increase the life of your MacBook. Happy Shopping!

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