10 Best Adventure Movies Of All-Time To Stream

Movie lovers have distinctive choices when it comes to watching a movie. Thriller, action, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and adventure are some of the niches on which one can find different movies. Though it depends on one’s personal choice, many people prefer to go for adventure movies.

If you are looking for the best adventure movies to watch, you have landed at the right place. Adventure elements and perfect action have turned even some average stories to something special.

Best Adventure Movies To Watch

Best Adventure Movies Of All Time

Adventure is the key to these movies, and if you are an adventure lover, then you have a very big list to watch. You can choose movies in the historical drama, the space epic, or spy thrillers. Even though sci-fi and superheroes are not your likings, with an adventure element in them, you will love these thrillers. 

The most notable point here is you can easily connect to the location as well as the story, and that is why many people prefer to watch movies from this niche more.   

Let us list out some of the best adventure movies in the last 60 years. These thrillers can be added to your-must watch list, and you can enjoy them. 

North by Northwest 

If you are in search of action-adventure movies, this is the right choice. This is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s releases, and you can get a Mad Men-era to feel through this debut. You can consider this as Casablanca  among action films.

The movie comes under the tightly paced film types. It has gifted the industry with some of the most iconic scenes. This is one more cloak-and-dagger chase, especially in the end and even in most of its parts. You can say that this movie is done with tongue in cheek.

Hitchcock is a perfectly chosen actor for debuting in suspense movies, which is known as the core of this legendary actor. Only after many frames, you succeed in achieving the complete identification of the original character, which is again an important part of this movie.

You can enjoy shared pleasures of passion and love, along with the highest thrill of vicarious fear. Even though this is not based on a real story, you will feel it real because of the characters designed across the theme. 

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Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope 

Even though there are plenty of star war movies, this can be easily put on top of your list since it is worth watching. If you are a lover of original Carrie Fisher and such performances, this is the right movie for you.

This movie is a perfect combination of sci-fi and adventures. We can say it has given the perfect definition for sci-fi thrillers after a long time. This is one of the best performances of Carrie Fisher which has set the tone of Star Wars Saga. You can easily declare that this is a good-hearted film, and it can be proved in every single frame.

It demonstrates how to link the state of the art technology in a very simple way. The story is compelling, and it is by one of the world’s best and expert of basic myths. The movie comes with a fascinating screenplay, and it owes to one of the man’s oldest stories. There are plenty of movies that came after this, and this is one of the Star Wars, which influences most of the later movies. 

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The Terminator 

In these movies, most people liked the second film rather than the first one. But, this is the legend of all time, and you will love the way it is depicted.

The idea is very simple, but the way it is done should be appreciated, and you will love the idea of un-likable robots. The story is all about the creation of artificial intelligence for saving this world, and it, unfortunately, turns against the creators. The most important crucial factor that should be mentioned is energy.

You cannot imagine anyone other than Arnold for running this show. He looks massive and talks with a strange accent. Everything is perfectly made, and you will believe that he is a robotic-sounding killing machine.

This is one of the movies which started with something huge. Even though people who watched this movie didn’t realize at that time, this is the starting point of most of the actors in this movie.  

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If you like Star Wars and terminator, you should not miss this movie. You can consider this as a sci-fi action film, and it is one of the best movies in which aliens are depicted very well.

You have to remember more characters and more weapons. You will enjoy more aliens and more Sigourney Weaver. You will easily give perfect 10 for this movie, and it is the movie that turned horror/sci-fi into a sci-fi adventure.

You will enter into a new future, and by the beginning of the movie itself, you will think everything is true, and this may be our future. Even though the entire plot goes completely in tension, you will get entertained with some of the most popular one-liners.

You can easily imagine the world with aliens through this film, and if you are an adventure lover, you will watch it again. The Aliens is one of the best adventure movies.  

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Die Hard 

There are plenty of fans for Die Hard even today. You can consider this as action extravaganza, and you need no expect any lags. Through the story, it will drag the interest of the audience and never loses its way.

Even though there is an increase in body count, you will love it and enjoy it. Bruce is an action hero all the time, and you will enjoy his actions. Among all, you will love the fifth one. Compared to all others it is the best, and you will watch it again.

Of course, the movie is definitely an action-packed thriller. But Bruce acting will make it the memorable action debut of all the time. You will like the deadly chopper scene and all the chasing scenarios. This is the best pick if you like to watch a series of action thrillers.  

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 

Indiana Jones is one of the most admired series among adventure movie lovers. Among this series, you will love the first and third the most. The second and fourth are also good but not up to the mark. This movie is a delight, and compared to the latest Hollywood movies; you will give the best rating to this.

Spielberg successfully lights the scenes in most basic colors. You will definitely like this action thriller, and it is one of the best adventure movies of all time.

Especially the third one, this series is the best, and you will love the opening scene in this movie. You will enjoy all the death-defying stunts and actions.  

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If you are a fan of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, then you should go and watch Speed. You will realize why people loved this movie and why people fell in love with them.

Even though he hasn’t shed his complete vide in this movie, you will love to watch him. You will like his debut as a renegade cop, and even Sandra Bullock is also a perfect and cheerful foil.

The story is all around a bus that has to keep running above 50 miles per hour. If in case the Speed varies, then it will explode, and the result is killing all the passengers. This is a delightful and unimaginable sequence, but the way it is depicted is also incredible. You can call this an inventive thriller and one of the best adventure movies of all time.  

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Apollo 13 

This movie belongs to the category of best adventure and drama movies. The story belongs to the ticking clock nature, and it depicts you all about a group of astronauts stuck in space. They are inside a rapidly failing ship, and you will never stop in the middle since the story goes like the Speed of a bullet.

Even though you can imagine and guess the ending of the story, you will watch it without skipping. You will hold your breath throughout and till the end. Apart from all the positives of this movie, you have adorable Tom Hank.

Even today, he is considered one of the incredible characters, and you will love him in this movie. If you love space programs, then you should watch this movie. You will understand that people who enter into space programs are not heroes, but they are highly resourceful and brave. 

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You may have seen hundreds of modern movies released in the last few years. Even though today you have 3D and technology is advanced, irrespective of that, you will love these movies.

They are depicted so well, and they are filled with the best actors of all time. Hence these adventure and thriller movies can be added to the must-watch list of best adventure movies of all the time. These movies have tremendous action, thriller, and adventure combined, and, most importantly, suspense as well. 

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