Top 20 Best War Movies Of All Time for Action Movies Lovers

Paths of Glory

This movie is a 1957 classic starred by Kirk Douglas and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie is set in World War I amidst the incredibly destructive and futile trench warfare between France and Germany.

It is about the brave acts of a commanding officer who is compelled to protect his soldiers after they refuse to attack the enemy and are accused of cowardice and treason by the arrogant French general. The casting is absolutely flawless. While there are no big names apart from leading man Kirk Douglas playing as Colonel Dax and the elderly Adolphe Menjou playing as General George Broulard, there is not a single weak performance in the movie.

The despair and resentment of the condemned soldiers feel absolutely real and in contrast, the smugness and fake sympathy of upper-class officers are brilliantly portrayed.

The battle and the trial scenes are about as good as ever been filmed and a high level of tension is sustained throughout the movie. The movie shows the true qualities of a leader – will to sacrifice, bravery and compassion quite beautifully.

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The Best war movies of all time differ widely in their handling of the subject matter, but they all strike a chord with the viewers now and in the time, they came out.  The above-mentioned movies are some of the significantly influential, important and milestone war films available in today’s cinema.

Each movie keeps its own uniqueness maintained in terms of different war themes and different aspects of war film making. We have tried to list the most critically acclaimed action-oriented war movies with war themes that include combat, survivor end escape stories, tales of gallant sacrifice and struggle, studies of the futility and inhumanity of battle, the effects and consequences of war on society, and the intelligent and profound explorations of the moral and human issues.

There are a lot of other war movies worth mentioning here but still, these are some of the publicly-acclaimed best war movies of all time. Watch the ones you have not seen yet or that you have not seen in a while and we hope you enjoy the above listed best war movies of all time and experience all the action, destruction, the emotions, the glory, and the madness of war to the fullest.

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