Top 20 Best War Movies Of All Time for Action Movies Lovers


Braveheart Movie Screencaps

The movie was released in 1995. Mel Gibson himself directed the movie and also acted as the protagonist named William Wallace. The “Braveheart”, a Scottish rebel leads a revolt against the English emperor known as King Edwards I after an English soldier rapes and kills his wife.

The sacrifices made during the revolt and the amount of courage and bravery required to lead a revolt against a powerful force are inconceivable. The violence shown in the movie serves its purpose by giving a strong message that freedom does not come for free. Sometimes it takes gruesome and horrible deaths to let one’s people taste what it is like to be free.

The extreme violence, as well as the human compassion in this movie, are overwhelming in its brilliancy.  The battle of Stirling is one of the best parts of the movie that has been brought up beautifully in this wonderfully directed and acted movie by Mel Gibson. The movie earned 5 Academy Awards out of 10 nominations and 1 Golden Globe award.

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The Pianist

The Pianist 2002 War Movie Screencaps

This is one of the most revered movies depicting the struggles and outcomes of World War II. One of the crowning achievements of Director Roman Polanski. The Pianist tells a beautiful and extremely dark tale about a man and his struggle to survive.

The movie shows the true-life experience of a Jewish musician named Wladyslaw Szpilman. He survives the ravages of war while watching everyone around him die eventually. The film spans across several years and maps his many personal trials in addition to providing the perspectives of his family, rebel factions and sympathizers.

The survival in the Warsaw ghetto and the final taste of freedom is what makes the movie complete and brilliant. Every moment in this movie shows the real outcomes of war and how it changes people’s lives. The movie bagged 3 Oscars and was released in 2002.

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